A chronological list of surveys and bias analysis conducted to determine AllSides Media Bias Ratings™. See which outlets recently underwent an AllSides Editorial Review, Blind Bias Survey, independent review, or other verification method.

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Editorial Reviews

During an AllSides Editorial Review, a panel of reviewers — which includes at least six people from the left, center, and right — reviews news reports from a source from the past six months to the present day, looks for types of media bias, deliberates, and comes to a general consensus on the source's bias. During a Small Group Editorial Review, a smaller panel of reviewers — one each from the left, center, and right — reviews and rates news content. Learn more about the Editorial Review process here.

Fox News Digital: May 2024

Christianity Today: Oct. 2023

The Intercept: Oct. 2023

Mediate (TBA): Aug. and Sept. 2023

National Review Fact Check: Oct. 2023

National Review News and Opinion: Sept. 2023

Wall Street Journal: Sept. 2023

SmartHER News: August 2023

AFP Fact Check: July 2023

UnHerd: July 2023

Straight Arrow News: June 2023

Independent Journal Review: June 2023

Drudge Report: June 2023

Newsweek: May 2023

ProPublica: Apr. 2023

CNN: Feb. and Mar. 2023

CNBC: Mar. 2023

OAN: Mar. 2023

Axios: Feb. 2023

Global Disinformation Index: Feb. 2023

PBS NewsHour: Nov. 2022

The Daily Beast: Nov. 2022

Semafor: Oct. 2022

FiveThirtyEight: Oct. 2022

Tangle: Oct. 2022

The Atlantic: Oct. 2022

The Washington Times: Sept. 2022

NewsNation: Sept. 2022

Christian Science Monitor: Aug. 2022

Associated Press: Aug. 2022

Ipsos: Aug. 2022

Washington Free Beacon: Aug. 2022

Forbes: Jul. 2022 

CBC News: Jul. 2022

CNBC: Jul. 2022

Fox Business: Jul. 2022

Politico: Jun. 2022

The Daily Caller: Aug. 2021

USA Today: Jul. 2021

New York Times: Jul. 2021

Check Your Fact: Jul. 2021

Washington Post: Jul. 2021

CNN: Jul. 2021

Reuters: Jul. 2021

Breitbart News: Jul. 2021

Poynter: Jul. 2021

National Review: Jul. 2021

Truth or Fiction: Jun. 2021

Fox News: May 2021

USA Today: May 2021

National Review: May 2021

Reuters: Mar. 2021

The Daily Caller: Feb. 2021

New York Post: Jan. 2021

Newsmax: Jan. 2021

Reuters: Jan. 2021

Newsweek: Nov. & Dec. 2020

MarketWatch: Oct. 2020

Associated Press Politics & Fact Check: Sept. 2020

Babylon Bee: Aug. 2020

The Onion: Aug. 2020

Associated Press: Aug. 2020

The Epoch Times: Aug. 2020

BBC News: Aug. 2020

Snopes: Jun. 2020

Associated Press: Apr. 2020

Nieman Lab: Mar. 2020

Newsmax: Dec. 2019

The Epoch Times: Aug. 2019

NPR: Feb. 2019

Independent Reviews

An AllSides Independent Review is our lowest level of analysis. It is used to provide an initial bias rating with low confidence. An AllSides panelist reviews news reports from a source and comes to a conclusion on its bias. This method is used for initial bias ratings before more robust methods can be applied, or for outlets that are transparent about their bias and we agree with their assessment.

CNSNews: Sept. 2023

HuffPost: May 2023

The Free Press: Dec. 2022

InfoWars: Dec. 2022

Investopedia: Oct. 2022

Morning Brew: Oct. 2022

Global News: Oct. 2022

Deseret News: Oct. 2022

The HighWire: Oct. 2022

Common Sense: Oct. 2022

UnHerd: Oct. 2022

NowThis News: Oct. 2022

Occupy Democrats: Oct. 2022

The Patriot Post: Oct. 2022

America's 1st Freedom: Jun. 2022

The American Conservative: May 2022

Slate: Apr. 2022

Human Events: Mar. 2022

Snopes: Jun. 2021

Independent Journal Review: Jan. 2021

Axios: Sept. 2020

Al Jazeera: Sept. 2019