A chronological list of the surveys, data, and analysis conducted to determine AllSides Media Bias Ratings™. See which outlets recently underwent an AllSides Editorial Review, Blind Bias Survey, independent review, or other verification method.

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Editorial Reviews

During an AllSides Editorial Review, the AllSides team — which includes people from across the political spectrum — reviews the works of a source from the past six months to the present day and comes to a general consensus on its bias. While AllSides does not use a formalized grading rubric to assess media bias, our participants are trained to understand and look for different types of bias. Learn more about the Editorial Review process here.

The Washington Times: Sept. 2022

NewsNation: Sept. 2022

Associated Press: Aug. 2022

Ipsos: Aug. 2022

Washington Free Beacon: Aug. 2022

Forbes: July 2022 

CBC News: July 2022

CNBC: July 2022

Fox Business: July 2022

Politico: June 2022

The Daily Caller: August 2021

USA Today: July 2021

New York Times: July 2021

Check Your Fact: July 2021

Washington Post: July 2021

CNN: July 2021

Reuters: July 2021

Breitbart News: July 2021

Poynter: July 2021

National Review: July 2021

Truth or Fiction: June 2021

Fox News: May 2021

USA Today: May 2021

National Review: May 2021

Reuters: March 2021

The Daily Caller: February 2021

New York Post: January 2021

Newsmax: January 2021

Reuters: January 2021

Newsweek: November & December 2020

MarketWatch: October 2020

Associated Press Politics & Fact Check: September 2020

Babylon Bee: August 2020

The Onion: August 2020

Associated Press: August 2020

The Epoch Times: August 2020

BBC News: August 2020

Snopes: June 2020

Associated Press: April 2020

Nieman Lab: March 2020

Newsmax: December 2019

The Epoch Times: August 2019

NPR: February 2019

Independent Reviews

An AllSides Independent Review is our lowest level of analysis. An AllSides editor, or multiple editors, reviews works of a source and comes to a general conclusion on its bias.. This method is frequently used for initial bias ratings before more robust methods can be applied, or ratings for which the bias of an outlet is relatively easy to discern (because the outlet is transparent about its bias).

The American Conservative: May 2022

Slate: April 2022

Human Events: March 2022

Snopes: June 2021

Axios: September 2020

Al Jazeera: September 2019