Don’t be misled by the loudest voices or most well-financed influencers.

Engage directly with your constituents, earn their trust, and understand what they really think — at scale.

Many AllSides services, especially AllSides Talks™ and other Dialogue and Deliberation services, can be customized to fit your needs. One specialized service, Online Interactive Town Halls, is uniquely optimized for elected officials and public meetings.

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Online Interactive Town Halls

See the presentation given to the Select Committee of the Modernization of Congress in Washington DC in May, 2022.

Engage constituents with large capacity, easy-to-run online interactive town halls and discussion events. Our tools provide congressional staff with analysis and perspectives from all participants, not just the loudest or most well-funded. Includes detailed reports with natural language analysis, constituent feedback, normalized surveys, and video snippets. Scalable to thousands and can repeat regularly. Proven to reduce division and polarization — 95% of past participants wanted to repeat the experience.

During the town hall, AllSides automatically breaks the audience into small (4-6), diverse discussion groups to fit your specifications (diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, political persuasion, etc). Participants are guided through a carefully structured conversation guide that leads them to being heard and builds appreciation for each other. Each group can submit questions. Participants leave happy and feeling heard.

After the event, staff can follow-up with each participant, as well as review data from the event. The resulting report and dashboard makes it easy and fast to see what topics your constituents care about the most, what they discussed, and what they said and think about those topics. You can even read individual comments and click to hear them in their own voices.