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5-Minute Pitch: Most Fundable Companies®
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Celebrating Political Diversity
Wisdom 2.0 Summit

Free Yourself from Filter Bubbles
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AllSides for Schools Certified Five Stars by Educational App Store | August 2023
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The Media Landscape, Intellectual and Moral ourage, and the 2022 Election Cycle |  December 19, 2022
Episcopal High School Magazine

How to Fight Fake News 

Connecting Students Across the Partisan Divide 
HuffPost | View Bias Rating

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2021 
Cult of Pedagogy

More Press Coverage

The NPR Controversy
Tangle  |  View Bias Rating

Is the Media Biased? 
Lost in the Middle: America's Political Orphans | Not Rated

Gigafact Fights Spread Of Misinformation Ahead Of Election
Forbes | View Bias Rating

Google News’ Left Bias Has Increased Since 2022; Majority of Online News Aggregators Lean Left: AllSides Analysis |  AllSides Report
How it was covered:

How to Find Good Information
Gurwinder  |  Not Rated

Voters must stay educated despite misinformation
The Kenyon Collegian  |  Not Rated

Chilling: They Can't Even Train AI to Be More Conservative Than It Is Leftist
The Western Journal  |  View Bias Rating

Biden, Trump reignite debate over 'undocumented' vs. 'illegal' immigrants
Straight Arrow News  |  Certified Balanced

Push for Funding Cuts Threatens Public Media in Alaska
The Sun Star  |  Not Rated

The Associated Press' Lean Left Bias: A Deviation from Objectivity
BNN Breaking | Not Rated

MRC President Brent Bozell Blasts NewsGuard co-CEOs in Open Letter
The Millennial Press | Not Rated

Pinkerton — Hey Siri: How Was the Next Generation of Media Bias Built into A.I.?
Breitbart | View Bias Rating

Journalism profession has ‘lost its way’ — and it’s not just the New York Times 
The Hill | View Bias Rating

Journalism profession has ‘lost its way’ — and it’s not just the New York Times 
The Millennial Press | Not Rated

Are we finally getting sick of the media outrage machine? The numbers don’t lie. 
The Millennial Press | Not Rated

Are we finally getting sick of the media outrage machine? The numbers don’t lie.   
The Hill | View Bias Rating

Lloyd Austin's Disappearance
Tangle News | View Bias Rating

An important question as voters head to the polls: Are you a critical news consumer?
3WTKR | Not Rated

Centrist News Outlet ‘The Messenger’ To Shut Down Less Than A Year After Launching Site
OAN | View Bias Rating

Teachers Face Backlash—and Discipline—for Political Stances on Israel-Hamas War
Education Week | View Bias Rating

Skillet lead singer looks for answers with ‘Wimpy, Weak and Woke’
The Alabama Baptist | Not Rated

American journalism sounds much more Democratic than Republican
The Economist | View Bias Rating 

EVEN WORSE! MRC Exposes NewsGuard for Leftist Bias Third Year in a Row
Media Research Center | View Bias Rating

How can you handle being 'triggered'?
A Braver Way Podcast

Discourse on ‘Barbie’ reflects depth of Fragmented American media
The Justice

School of Public Policy hosts Student Spotlight
Highlander News

Episode 4: How the sale of a used car in 1995 blew up the American media | With Julie Mastrine, Director of Media Bias Ratings & Marketing | Spotify, Apple, YouTube
Lost in the Middle: America's Political Orphans Podcast

AllSides Technologies, Inc. Announces Multipartisan Board of Directors and Status as Public Benefit Corporation
Investors Observer

AllSides Technologies, Inc. Announces Multipartisan Board of Directrors and Status as a Public Benefit Corporation
Indo-Asian News Service

AllSides Technologies, Inc. Announces Multipartisan Board of Directrors and Status as a Public Benefit Corporation
Street Insider

Google Alternative Search: Android App With Uncensored & Unbiased News Launched
Digital Journal

#Dickipedia and the Future of Unbiased Information
The American Thinker

Winners of Sixth Annual Most Fundable Companies Competition Announced by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
Pepperdine Newsroom

American journalistic nuance, victim of war | Middle East, the eternal conflict | With Henry Brechter, AllSides Editor-in-chief
The Times Hub

Analysis | American Journalistic Nuance, the Other Casualty of War | With Henry Brechter, AllSides Editor-in-chief
Radio Canada 

We're Overdue in Demanding Accountability from Wikipedia
The Epoch Times | Opinion | View Bias Rating

Straight Arrow News Gains Additional Unbiased News Award 
Yahoo News | View Bias Rating

The Associated Press, Once Viewed As Neutral, Works With Pro-Left Foundations
The Daily Wire

“Fake News” & Media Bias w/ Julie Mastrine
From Is to Ought Podast - Episode 11

Meet Julie Mastrine | With Julie Mastrine, AllSides Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings
Bold Journey

Unbiased and Balanced News | With Henry Brechter, AllSides Editor-in-chief
Cylinder Radio

Legal Case & Media Bias Against Trump | With Henry Brechter, AllSides Editor-in-chief
The Newsworthy Podcast

Biden’s Voting History With Social Security and What It Means for Millennials
Yahoo | View Bias Rating

Breaking News - Why Media Matters
OrcaBook Publishers

Bing News Joins Google and Other News Aggregators in Fueling PolarizationJohn Gable
Newsweek | Opinion | View Bias Rating

Think Bing News Might Be a Good Google Alternative for Conservatives? Think Again.
The Daily Signal

Scathing Report Showings Bing's Left Bias Just as Awful as Google's 

If you think Bing is better than Google, think again

Failed Banks Shouldn't Be Cash Machines for Disgraced Executives | Joan BladesJohn Gable, and Scott McDonald
Newsweek | Opinion

How the Media Divides Us | With Henry Brechter, AllSides Editor-in-chief
MI Insider

Google Tries to Discredit Study Showing Google News' Left-Wing Bias
Tennessee Star

Google Discredits Google News' Leftist Bias
Headline USA 

Google News Skewed Left Before 2022 Election, AllSides Study Claims
Long Island, NY

Google Tries to Discredit Study Showing Google News' Left-Wing Bias
The Ohio Star 

Google News Bias Makes Voters Vulnerable to 'Partisan Manipulation,' New Report Claims
The Daily Signal | See The Daily Signal Bias Rating

New AllSides Analysis EXPOSES Google News’ Enormous Left-Wing Political Bias
Newsbusters | View Bias Rating

New AllSides Analysis EXPOSES Google News' Enormous Left-Wing Political Bias

The politics and laws changing changing tech in the U.S. | With Julie Mastrine, Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings
The Vergecast

Special Edition: Examining Bias in News Coverage | With Julie Mastrine, Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings
The Newsworthy

STUDY: NewsGuard Ratings System STILL Heavily Biased in Favor of Left-Wing Media Outlets
Media Research Center | View Bias Rating

60 Best Political News Websites

2022 Phillips Integrity in Action Lecture Presented by John Gable ’83 
Episcopal High School

Episode 45 (Grabowski, Ackoury, Mastrine) | With Julie Mastrine, Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings
Good Shepherd Catholic Radio

Kevin O’Leary: Do this for 1 hour every morning, or ‘you will lose money 100% of the time’
CNBC | View Bias Rating

'America Talks' invites users to video chat across political divides
ABC News | View Bias Rating
AllSides coordinated much of the online technology that made this event possible. 

Disinformation Inc: Federal Funding of conservative media blacklist harms Americans by Henry Brechter
Washington Examiner | View Bias Rating

NewsGuard Calls Rumble ‘Hoax Central’ After CEO Called Hunter Biden Laptop a ‘Hoax’
Newsbusters | View Bias Rating

Twitter Worker Who Pointed Out Right-Wing Bias on Platform Fired by Musk
Newsweek | View Bias Rating

Last Week In The News: What if we walk across the divide and look at the news on both sides?
Top Down News

Newsletter: AllSides bias rating.
Tangle | View Bias Rating

STUDY: NewsGuard Ratings System Heavily Skews in Favor of Left-Wing Outlets
Media Research Center | View Bias Rating

Product Review of AllSides for Schools
The Tech Advocate

What's New in EdTech?
Trending News Buzz

AllSides Rated 100/100 by Newsguard

NewsGuard Failing Fox News Because of ‘Journalistic Standards’ Is a Pathetic Joke
Newsbusters | View Bias Rating

NewsGuard Leaves USA Today’s Perfect Score Unchanged — Even After Source Fabrication Scandal
Newsbusters | View Bias Rating

Two Americans talk across the political divide
Financial Times | View Bias Rating

Listen: How can we curb misinformation & defend free speech?
News Decoder

Saving Elephants Podcast: AllSides with Julie Mastrine
Saving Elephants

Red Flags: How to Identify Suspicious Rumors
Snopes | View Bias Rating

Teachers Union Promotes ‘Anti-Misinformation’ Tool, Sparking Left-Wing Bias Concerns
The Epoch Times | View Bias Rating

Leftist “Fact Checker” NewsGuard Gives Chinese Media Higher Ratings Than Conservative News

How liberal media ignored Brianna Kupfer's alleged killer's rap sheet
Daily Mail | View Bias Rating

Bridging America's Divisions. Can Americans Come Together?
Network for Responsible Public Policy | View Bias Rating

Top 4 Unbiased Independent World News Sources

How Left-Wing Media Turned on Kamala Harris
Newsweek | View Bias Rating

Decoding the News Media: Finding the Truth Through Media Bias
| With
Julie Mastrine, Director of Marketing and Media Bias
It’s Meseidy Podcast

Media Bias, Fake News and AllSides with Julie Mastrine
Next Level Human Podcast

If You’re Interested In All Sides of an Issue, ‘AllSides’ Is A Good Place to Start
IVN | View Bias Rating

The Democracy Bridge-Building Ecosystem
The Factual

New civic engagement hub offers opportunities for bridging political divides
The Fulcrum | View Bias Rating

Media Bias and Being an Informed News Consumer with Henry Brechter
Dialogue with Dylan

Opinion: No, the Deseret News doesn’t have a ‘leftist agenda’
Deseret News | View Bias Rating

7 under-the-radar digital learning tools to try this fall
eSchool News

A Conversation with The Fulcrum on For the People Act and Joe Manchin
The Fulcrum | View Bias Rating

America Talks and NWOC Lay a Foundation for the Future
The Fulcrum | View Bias Rating

How Some Americans Are Breaking Out of Political Echo Chambers
Wired | View Bias Rating

Video: Kristin Hansen of AllSides named an everyday hero
The Fulcrum | View Bias Rating

Thousands of Americans from 50 States To Connect 1:1 Across Differences
The Mountaineer

A week dedicated to the better angels
The Hill | View Bias Rating

Bridging the Great American Divide
Cilmate One

From the editor: We invite you to join a conversation – and to listen to each other
Columbus Dispatch | View Bias Rating

Top 10 Sites To Help Students Check Their Facts

Why Americans Should Learn to Spot Media Bias
The Epoch Times | View Bias Rating

Epoch Times Rated Most Neutral Compared to NYT, AP, BBC, Bloomberg
The Epoch Times Editorial Board | View Bias Rating

How the inconvenient truth of Jeff Bezos’s fabricated ‘phone leak’ story revealed a deeply-rooted media bias against Saudi Arabia
Arab News

Henry Brechter, Managing Editor of AllSides: Credder Podcast #26
Credder Podcast

Analysis: How Readers Rated the Media Bias of AP, BBC and The Epoch Times, and More
The Epoch Times | View Bias Rating

'When it comes to politics and cultural issues, the internet is broken'
The Fulcrum | View Bias Rating

15 Most Unbiased News Sources [Research-Based]
Tech President

Want to end America’s uncivil war? Defund the fear
The Dallas Morning News | View Bias Rating

What Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl ad gets right about reuniting Americans in 'the middle'
USA Today | View Bias Rating

Jeep Pulls Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Ad After News of His DWI Arrest
Ad Age

These ratings and tips on judging media bias can help news consumers and journalists

On inauguration eve, local panel discusses bridging the divide in America

5 Times Studies Proved Wikipedia's Left-Wing Bias
Breitbart | View Bias Rating

Influence of fake news in Twitter during the 2016 US presidential election
Nature Communications

Middle Schooler Proves Google Search Results Influence Political Opinions [Infographic]
Forbes | View Bias Rating

Liberal Bias of Wikipedia Called Out in 5 Studies
WBAP News Talk

Political incivility is at crisis point in America. Here's how we can fix it.
USA Today | View Bias Rating

#281 The Case for AllSides: John Gable, Samantha Shireman
HowDoWeFixIt Podcast | View Bias Rating

Our Q+A with AllSides CEO John Gable
Our.News | View Bias Rating

Voting Tools for Your Election Toolbox

How Reading 'Biased' Opinions Can Help You Make Sense of the Election

The Social Dilemma Leads to Calls for Action From Those in the Tech Industry
The Point

First-time voters navigate news, social media
The Sheridan Press

LETTER: Truth is found in multiple perspectives
The Free Lance-Star

Analysis: Wikipedia Articles on American Politicians Mostly Cite Leftist Media
Breitbart | View Bias Rating

Americans appear to be deeply divided. But we found a different story traveling the U.S.
USA Today | View Bias Rating

As America falls apart, we need to break out of our social media bubbles
USA Today | View Bias Rating

Election 2020: 11 Ways to Engage Students From Now Until November
New York Times | View Bias Rating

How I De-Stressed My Morning News
Katie Songer

The art of civil discussion

Bridging the Divide: Friendship Across Partisan Lines
Saturday Evening Post |  View Media Bias Rating

Inflection Point: Bringing Civil Conversations to Schools
NPR | View Bias Rating

Bridging America’s Divide - From the Printing Press to the Internet
HuffPost | View Bias Rating

How Hollywood Weaponizes Fake News For Cash, And The 3 Kinds Of Fake News
Forbes | View Bias Rating

Google News results favor left-leaning media, report finds
USA Today | View Bias Rating

Memetic Mediation: The Hard Problem of the U.S. Culture War
The Side View Calls out Media Bias from Both Sides, Promoting Democratic Dialogue and Free Speech

How civic groups are using online tools to fight social isolation in pandemic
USA Today | View Bias Rating

Media Ignore Coronavirus Death Rates to Attack Governors
Newsbusters | View Bias Rating

What's the BIG IDEA? Here are 4 ideas for how to create more jobs
USA Today | View Bias Rating

A call for unity: What Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger got right at the Oscars
USA Today | View Bias Rating

How social media misinformation wins — even if you don't believe it
The Week | View Bias Rating

AI in the election industry demands transparency
MIT Technology Review

How to Fight Fake News
Rutgers Today

How to Stay Sane in a Crazy Election Year
Men's Health

Teaching Impeachment
Republic Times

Top Google Search Results on Dayton, El Paso Shootings Reveal Left Political Bias in Favored Media Sources
The Epoch Times | View Bias Rating

News websites with political ties spread across Michigan before 2020 election
MLive | View Bias Rating

The Dark Age of the Internet or a Digital Enlightenment: Is Democracy in Danger in the Information Age?
OECD Forum

Tech Matters: Political fact check: If Facebook can’t, you can

A place to go: How democracy can save itself
The Fulcrum | View Bias Rating

Study: Google News Mass Shootings Results 70 Percent Liberal, 4 Percent Conservative
PJ Media

Google Fails Bias Test (Again) On Mass Shootings
National Legal and Policy Center

Defining "Fake News" is Harder Than You'd Think
OECD Forum

Understanding Breaking News from Multiple Political Perspectives Using AllSides
Lifehacker | View Bias Rating

Calls to split California reveal deeper problems in tech, politics
The Hill | View Bias Rating

5 Ways to Talk About the News With People Who Disagree With You

4 Tools to Verify Your Internet
Netted by the Webbys

#ListenFirst for Dignity, Hope, and National Security
National Conversation Project | View Bias Rating

Joan Blades + John Gable: Two bridge builders starting from opposite “banks” of our political divide.
Respect + Rebellion | View Bias Rating

65 Percent of Google News Links Point to Left Sources
NewsMax | View Bias Rating

Report: Google News’ Search Results Aren’t Rigged But They Are Biased
Hot Air | View Bias Rating

Report: Google News Biased Toward the Left 4-to-1
Newsbusters | View Bias Rating

Report: Google Search Had ‘Strong Preference’ Towards Showing Users Left-Leaning Results
Western Journal | View Bias Rating

ERIC’S TECH TALK – Deepfake: When you can’t believe your eyes
The Town Line

Fox 5 News On the Hill -- Bias in the media following the release of the anonymous Op-Ed in New York Times

Next Generation Politics's Katelyn Goodpaster Interviews John Gable
Next Generation Politics

Google News is heavily biased – but it's not rigged
Washington Examiner | View Bias Rating

Can Conversation Help Heal the Political Divide?
Greater Good Magazine

We Should All Speak to People We Don’t Agree With. Here’s How
The Aspen Institute

The Dark Ages of the Internet [PDF]
EHS Magazine

Sinclair's 'fake news' promos ask the impossible
Washington Examiner | View Bias Rating

To fix American democracy, the left should commit to these four steps
The Guardian | View Bias Rating

You Won’t Change Your Cranky Conservative Uncle in One Dinner Conversation
Mother Jones | View Bias Rating

Bridging the Divide: Free Speech on College Campuses
Saturday Evening Post | View Bias Rating

Come out of the political closet in 2018 and help heal our divide
USA Today | View Bias Rating

Trump Has Divided the Country. Some Americans Are Trying to Bring Us Back Together
TIME | View Bias Rating

Reach across the aisle moment (California Playbook)
Politico | View Bias Rating


Top 60 Foreign Policy Blogs and Websites on the Web
Ranked #18, November 2017



AUDIO: Live interview on BBC Radio 5
BBC News - 12 minute audio interview, starts at 3:36:55 into the program | See BBC Media Bias Rating

Can service design become media’s secret weapon?
The Media Briefing | View Bias Rating

Talk about it: Movement works to bridge political divisions through dialogue
East Bay Times | View Bias Rating

The Political Is Now Personal
HuffPost | View Bias Rating

AllSides’s John Gable: from the Dark Ages of the internet to bursting bubbles
Online Journalism Blog

Staying Informed While the Press is Under Attack
Intellectual Freedom Blog

The truth and ‘alternative facts’: Language is always subject to change
The Independent | View Bias Rating

AUDIO: AllSides solving polarization with bias ratings and civil dialog
(Interview with John Gable starts at 15 minute mark)
Pantsuit Politics (podcast)

VIDEO: How This Startup Helps People Find Common Political Ground
Entrepreneur - 2 minute video

A Berkeley activist tries to bring civility to the Trump era
Newsweek | View Bias Rating

Breaking out of this election's partisan prison
The Christian Science Monitor | View Bias Rating

Op-Ed Series for The Christian Science Monitor
by AllSides Co-founder John Gable and other AllSides writers



Delegate Rules Actually Help Trump
The Cook Political Report - Analysis by AllSides Co-founder John Gable

AUDIO: Do You Know How Biased You Are?
How Do We Fix It? The Fix It Show | View Bias Rating

The Stories: Media
The Blaze | See The Blaze Media Bias Rating

Bridging America’s Divide - Can the Internet Help?
HuffPost - Guest Opinion by AllSides Co-founder John Gable | View Bias Rating

South Florida Republicans are fed up with their party leaders on climate change
WGBH (Public Radio and Online News) | View Bias Rating

Get the whole story with news from the left, right and center
Kim Komando

New Political News Site Places Opposing Views Side By Side
Forbes | View Bias Rating

Media Watch
The Washington Times | See The Washington Times Media Bias Rating

AllSides joins alternative media

Escaping the 'echo chamber'
Convergence@UWW (Changes in Journalism, and Journalism Education)

AUDIO: Interview with John Gable, Founder of AllSides
CBS News and CNET, Larry Magid | See CBS News Media Bias Rating | See CNET Media Bias Rating

Website showcases political spectrum
Gateway Journalism Review

Relevant: The AllSides project
PolitiFact Bias

Web site presents 'all sides' of election news (article and podcast)
CNET | View Rating

VIDEO: Making it easier to choose your next Presidential Candidate
NBC and Tech Now! | View Bias Rating

New Crowd-Sourced Technology Exposes Bias
MarketWatch | View Bias Rating

VIDEO: John Gable, CEO of AllSides, A New Startup that Shows You News from Different Sides

Breaking through the Political Noise
San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate | See San Francisco Chronicle Media Bias Rating | See SFGate Media Bias Rating

Washington Times NBC BBC Christian Science Monitor The Hill Entrepreneur CBS MarketWatch Education Week TheBlaze USA Today Washington Times NBC BBC