Ipsos media bias rating is Center.

Ipsos has a Center AllSides Media Bias Rating™.

Ipsos Rated Center in August 2022 Small Group Editorial Review

In an August 2022 Small Group Editorial Review, AllSides rated Ipsos Center overall, however, reviewers from the right, left, and center noted a few Lean Left bias indicators. While these Lean Left bias indicators – such as story choice and headline framing – were present, there were enough articles in the Center or topics of interest to conservatives for the team to give a Center rating.  

Ipsos’ news content consists mainly of reports based on data gathered from the Ipsos polling team. The majority of coverage did not show signs of bias, such as articles on nuclear power plants, electric vehicles, and the 2022 midterm elections. These articles reported the facts without employing biased word choice, slant, or other types of media bias

All of the panelists noted instances of Lean Left story choice, with a focus on abortion, gun violence, hate crimes, and climate change. However, stories about inflation and nuclear energy plants were seen as Lean Right choices that offered some balance.

An example of Lean Left story choices included an article with a headline stating that “gun violence remains a major concern,” despite data showing Republicans did not see this as a major concern. A reviewer on the right argued a Lean Left bias in Ipsos’ efforts to eliminate gender bias from advertising through their connection with the SeeHer movement. Another reviewer from the Center found bias by omission in an article titled, “Latinos lean Democratic on climate change, safety as midterms draw closer,” which only highlights places where Latinos agree with Democrats, omitting other areas of agreement between Latinos and Republican Party policies. 


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