Bridge-builders frequently work across the aisle to understand and form solutions with the other side. Below are three surveys you can use to test your bridge-building knowledge and learn more about yourself!

The State of Polarization

Guess how many Americans agree with these statements about bridge-building and healing the political divide. 

Were your perceptions right?

Is America more or less divided than you thought? To understand the specific beliefs of Democrats and Republicans and compare them to your perception, measure your perception gap.

The Perception Gap

The Perception Gap, from More in Common, is one way to measure if your understanding of the other side is accurate. The Perception Gap is the difference between what you think your political other believes and what they actually believe. If you are an effective bridge-builder, and you ask the right questions you should have a pretty good understanding of the other sides’ beliefs, but if you are still falling into stereotypes and caricatures of the other side, it will show up in your Perception Gap. 

Try this quiz to estimate your Perception Gap


If your Perception Gap is bigger than you expected, you may not be as receptive to other views as you thought. If your Perception Gap is small you might be highly receptive to opposing views.

See how receptive you are to other points of view