Forbes media bias rating is Center.

Forbes has a Center AllSides Media Bias Rating™.

Note: This rating is for online content on only. AllSides does not rate the bias of print content.

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Forbes Rated Center in July 2022 Editorial Review

Forbes was rated Center in a July 2022 Editorial Review by an AllSides expert panel of reviewers on the left, center, and right. After Forbes had recently been rated clearly Lean Left in a Blind Bias Survey, the AllSides team employed an Editorial Review, which allows a smaller group to view a much larger amount of content than a Blind Bias Survey does. The panel was unanimous in issuing a Center rating.

Forbes had a balanced story choice. The team determined that Forbes content is generally Lean Left on social issues, such as abortion and LGBTQ issues, and takes a more center-right, libertarian perspective on economic issues. While some articles had a slight Lean Left bent, other content had clear Lean Right indicators, leading to an overall Center rating for Forbes.

Some analysis stories were not clearly labeled as analysis, and there was sometimes word choice bias.

Articles showcasing a Lean Right or Center perspective or story choice included:

Other articles were more Lean Left, either in story choice or via other bias indicators:

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Forbes Rated Lean Left in May 2022 Blind Bias Survey

Forbes was rated Lean Left in a May 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey.

On average, respondents who self-report being Right rated Forbes as Left. Respondents in all other bias categories – Left, Lean Left, Center, and Right – rated Forbes as Lean Left, on average.

Republicans rated Forbes as Left, on average, while Democrats and Independents rated it as Lean Left.

A total of 839 people from across the political spectrum rated the bias of Forbes. The weighted average was -2.78, which is in the Lean Left category, and close to Left. The middle 50% of responses lied between -5.20 (Left) and -1.40.

During a Blind Bias Survey, people from all sides of the political spectrum and a diverse array of ages and geographic locations rate the bias of content from a media outlet blindly, meaning all identifying branding information is removed. Sign up for a Blind Bias Survey here.

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About Forbes

Forbes is an American business magazine. Published eight times a year, it features original articles on topics such as finance, industry, investing, marketing, technology, communications, science, and law. As of 2020, its tagline is "Change The World."

On its Who We Are webpage, (retrieved June 29, 2022), Forbes writes that it is "driving systemic change in business, culture and society." It continues:

Forbes’ key values are purpose, integrity, innovation, respect and being bold. Our employees, just like the global audiences we serve, know that Forbes is the global champion of free-market enterprise and entrepreneurial capitalism.

Under its "Mission" section, Forbes writes that it is focused on "diverersity," "sustainability," and "giving back." Under its "diversity" mission, Forbes writes:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a critical focus for Forbes and the entire leadership team. We understand the value and importance of building more diverse teams, while also ensuring we’re creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace together.

Forbes notes that it has developed "a strategic partnership with the Journalism Diversity Fund to create a robust source for diverse editorial interns and entry-level reporters for our UK office," and that it has "continuing partnerships with organizations including the National Association of Black Journalists, Asian American Journalist Association, The Association of LGBTQ Journalists,  National Association for Hispanic Journalists and New York Women in Communications."

Forbes says its commitment to diversity also includes "convening communities and leading conversations through live events like the 30/50 Summit to mark International Women’s Day (held internationally in Abu Dhabi), Equal Pay & Equity In Action event, Power Women’s Summit, A Toast to Equity: Reviewing Our Progress and Recommitting to a Fairer Future event, and #CultureTalks." It also notes it has created "a business resource group, Forbes+, to support the LGBTQIA+ employee base. Both of our BRGs, Forbes+ and ForbesBLK are key resources for creating belonging, supporting inclusivity, as well as offering our employees a safe community to amplify their voices, while providing education and programming to Forbes."

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Who Owns and Funds Forbes

Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings. While it's true ownership and financial interests can affect what goes to print, our bias ratings are determined by assessing the bias of content only. We provide financial and ownership information as an FYI to our readers.

In 2014, Forbes Media sold a majority stake to Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media Investments. The Forbes family still owns an undisclosed stake. Steve Forbes serves as the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. Mike Federle is the current CEO.

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Authors who have written for Forbes

Alan Brochstein, Brian Mazique, Christina Troitino, Karin Agness, Charlie Fink, Teresa Ghilarducci, Andria Cheng , and 646 more. See full list. Andria Cheng, Ethan Siegel, Laurence Kotlikoff, Trevor Nace, Bruce Dorminey, Brid-Aine Parnell, Marshall Shepherd, David Carpenter, Bernie Kent, Michael Del Castillo, Jack Kelly, Bryan Reimer, Dante Disparte, Keren Blankfeld, Robin Andrews, Angel Au-Yeung, Tom Angell, Elizabeth Bauer, Ann Abel, Kevin Anderton, Samantha Sharf, Stuart Anderson, Panos Mourdoukoutas, Avik Roy, Jamie Carter, Grant Martin, Janet Burns, Bruce Y. Lee, Randall Lane, Fernando Alfonso Iii, Gordon Kelly, Drew Hansen, Erik Kain, Alan Ohnsman, Eric Mack, Zack Friedman, Zak Doffman, Will Yakowicz, Jonathan O'Callaghan, Simon Moore, Bruce Japsen, Sally Pipes, Peter Cohan, Chuck Jones, David Rae, Brett Edkins, Jj Kinahan, Kristina Killgrove, Ellie Kincaid, Joann Muller, James Ellsmoor, Frances Coppola, Mike Adams, Scott Snowden, Jillian D'onfro, Martin Rivers, Adam Sarhan, Elaine Pofeldt, Kyle Torpey, Scott Mendelson, Billy Bambrough, Muhammad Cohen, Alice G. Walton, Clare O'Connor, Jesse Colombo, Enrique Dans, Paul Tassi, Ariel Shapiro, Francis Dinha, Chase Peterson, Jennifer Wang, Biz Carson, Capital Flows, Madeline Berg, Michael Shellenberger, Kurt Badenhausen, Emma Woollacott, Dominic Dudley, Richard Behar, Maury Brown, Steven Bertoni, Lee Sheppard, Natalie Robehmed, Dan Alexander, H I Sutton, Mike Ozanian, Julian Vigo, James Conca, Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Michael Freedman, John S. Tobey, Michela Tindera, Noah Kirsch, Hugh Mcintyre, Jim Dobson, Mark Joyella, Michael T. Nietzel, Hayley C. Cuccinello, Alap Shah, Russell Flannery, Alex Knapp, Sergei Klebnikov, T. Boone, Chloe Sorvino, Matthew Herper, Tom Taulli, Legal Entertainment, Mark Hughes, Warren Shoulberg, Simon Mainwaring, Ronak D. Desai, Chris Myers, Peter Lyon, Bérénice Magistretti, Tim Newcomb, Angel Au, Brian Jacobs, Cally Russell, Pauleanna Reid, Jeff Erickson, Brooke Crothers, Energy Innovation, Technology, Geoffrey Kabat, Elana Lyn Gross, Charles Taylor, Monica Mercuri, Fernanda Uriegas, Felipe Schrieberg, Rachel Sandler, Luisa Kroll, Ben Horowitz, Bob Carlson, Darren Heitner, Andy Greenberg, Tanya Mohn, Adam Minsky, Mitch Wallace, Robin Seaton Jefferson, Kai Falkenberg, Thomas Fox, Larry Myler, Michael Nunez, Dave Deptula, Ayurella Horn, Kenneth Rapoza, Janakiram Msv, Kathleen Chaykowski, Agustino Fontevecchia, Business In The Beltway, Andy Frye, Simon Thompson, Doug Gollan, Thomas Brewster, Doug Schoen, Brian Solomon, Antoine Gara, Tero Kuittinen, Forbes Finance, Jeffrey Dorfman, Kathleen Howley, Loren Thompson, Lauren Debter, Vivienne Decker, Moira Forbes, Tamar Herman, Micheline Maynard, Hannah Leung, Forbes Press, Jeff Ewing, Andrew Husband, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tim Worstall, Nathan Vardi, Great Speculations, Dana Feldman, Javier Hasse, Jeff Kart, Steve Baltin, David Seideman, Tom Ward, Jeff Wilcox, Christopher Helman, Starts With, Shane Monteiro, Richard Henry, Elena Botella, Clem Chambers, Dan Schawbel, Isabel Togoh, William Baldwin, Omri Ben, Roger Dooley, Blake Morgan, Niall Mccarthy, Ryan Shumaker, Adam S. Minsky, Dave Caldwell, Abram Brown, David M. Ewalt, Lisette Voytko, Davey Winder, Jason Evangelho, Dan Gingiss, Katya Gorchinskaya, Jeff Mcmahon, John Koetsier, Hannah Elliott, Kiona N. Smith, Alicia Kelso, Amy Feldman, Frida Polli, Jeremy Bogaisky, Hersh Shefrin, Sarah Bond, Debtwire, Sarah Hansen, Thomas Silkjær, Amit Chowdhry, Ryan Guina, Alan Gassman, Richard Henry Suttmeier, Brett Owens, Troy Hooper, Mergermarket, Peter Ferrara, Korin Miller, Bruce Brumberg, Robin Saks Frankel, Joshua Cohen, Carlie Porterfield, Jon Markman, Jean-Marc François, Seth Cohen, Aaron Tilley, Naeem Aslam, Morgan Simon, Rick Ungar, Steve Forbes, Neil Winton, Ilya Shapiro, Andrew Solender, Chris Roberts, Mark Smolinski, Jemima Mcevoy, Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner, Tommy Beer, Bill Conerly, Barry Collins, Emily Earlenbaugh, Karen Robinson, Emanuela Barbiroglio, Kathleen Walch, Christina Settimi, Alice Truong, William A. Haseltine, Steven Salzberg, Cory Baldwin, Michael Lisicky, Christos Makridis, Rick Helfenbein, David Hochman, Joseph Young, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, Ciannah Gin, Jay Paris, Peter Bendor, Kate O'Flaherty, Yue Wang, Jack Brewster, Robert Hart, Emily Price, Rob Berger, Katie Jennings, Bertel Schmitt, Carter Coudriet, Jay Adkisson, Stan Collender, Learnvest, Gurufocus, Alex Reimer, Ollie Barder, Mike Collins, Liz Ryan, Rob Salkowitz, Jason Delisle, Forbes Personal Shopper, Marion Hart, Ryan Whitwam, Adam Andrzejewski, Jason Compton, Money Studios, House Money Studios, Johnny Jet, Forrester, Nicholas Wyman, Shaena Montanari, My Say, Erika Andersen, Cheryl, Christopher Jensen, John Archer, Grace L. Williams, David Phelan, Greg Satell, Renee Morad, Richard Eisenberg, Tony Bradley, George Leef, Brian Sutter, Christine Negroni, Josh Benjamin, Under 30, Emily Willingham, Lewis Dvorkin, Jessica Lutz, John Mauldin, Glenn Llopis, Troy Mcmullen, Howard Gleckman, Steve Rosenthal, Robert W. Wood, Bryan Pearson, Nelson Granados, John Lamattina, Erin Carlyle, Adam Ozimek, Anthony Dimoro, Laura Heller, Martin Holland, Marc Edelman, Ben Radding, Peter High, Roberton Williams, Ewan Spence, Fruzsina Eordogh, Melody Wilding, Walter Loeb, Karl Moore, Corinne Jurney, Erik Sherman, Kerry Hannon, Gary Stoller, Melinda Newman, Aaron Sherrill, Karsten Strauss, David Alm, Kate Vinton, Leeza Mangaldas, Alfred Konuwa, Ups Guest, Dave Thier, Janet Novack, Alex Epstein, Kelly Phillips, Sam Abuelsamid, Tim Daiss, Bill Hardekopf, Gergana Koleva, Andrew Rossow, Laura Shin, Dividend Channel, Ashley Stahl, John Navin, Britt Marie, Robert Book, Dan Simon, Kevin Murnane, Dom Pérignon, Michelle Kaminsky, Brian Goff, Vanessa Mcgrady, David Kroll, William Flaiz, Cartoon Of, Bisnow, Sarah Wu, Rex Sinquefield, Brad Thomas, The Muse, Dan Munro, Marc Mehlman, Comcast Business, Ryan Wibberley, The Macallan, Michael Bobelian, Andy J. Semotiuk, Bob Evans, Jayson Demers, Jacquelyn Smith, J. Maureen Henderson, Emmanuel Gobry, Jordan Bishop, Meghan M. Biro, Andrew Cave, Tony Nitti, Travis Bradberry, Travis Bradberry, Grace Banks, Jared Meyer, Daniel Fisher, Meghan Casserly, Tina Russo, Kevin Kruse, Bill Retherford, David Disalvo, Samantha Ettus, Roger Conrad, Young Entrepreneur, Nick Sibilla, Joel Kotkin, Rustin Nethercott, Rustin Nethercott, Paul Roderick, Maggie Mcgrath, Christian Sylt, Cox Business, Geoffrey Morrison, Elise Ackerman, Julian Mitchell, Carey Purcell, Dan Reed, Bob Cook, Chad Orzel, John Dobosz, Rob Clarfeld, Brian Domitrovic, Vicky Valet, Caroline Ceniza, Simon Ogus, Joe Vogel, Robb Mandelbaum, Forbes Agency, Charles Tiefer, Duncan Madden, Deborah L. Jacobs, Ana Swanson, Cheryl Conner, Noma Nazish, Gene Marks, Steve Dennis, Rod Adams, Tara Haelle, Kaytie Zimmerman, Jerry Barca, William Pentland, Robin D. Schatz, Katia Savchuk, Dani Di, Norbert Michel, John F. Wasik, Meggen Taylor, Hansang Bae, Joseph Coughlin, Brent Schutte, J Reilly, George Deeb, Mary Ellen Biery, Dave Lavinsky, David L. Katz, Curtis Silver, Christine Michel, Kerry A. Dolan, Katie Kelly, Next Avenue, Emma Johnson, Fred Campbell, Ellen Huet, Ralph Benko, Andy Koenig, Jeff Landers, Marisa Garcia, Preston Cooper, Scott Beyer, Nancy Collamer, Rachel Dresdale, Claire Poole, Alex Kay, Sarah Landrum, Reyna Gobel, Louis Columbus, Wade Shepard, Megan Gorman, Gabe Zaldivar, Stacey Leasca, Laura Begley Bloom, Miguel Helft, Chuck Devore, Bonnie Marcus, Howard Cole, Hyla Ames Bauer, Arlene Weintraub, Dave Keating, Susan Adams, Meriame Berboucha, Filip Bondy, Ted Reed, Monte Burke, Michael Goldstein, Brianna Wiest, Nicole Leinbach, Alan Kohll, John T. Harvey, Kashmir Hill, Gregory S. Mcneal, Brian Freedman, Kavita Sahai, Dani Di Placido, Deborah Jian Lee, Larry Light, Kavin Senapathy, Michael Foster, Lee Seymour, Blake Oestriecher, Maribel Lopez, Vincent Frank, Mike Dowling, Brian Menickella, Elaine Schattner, Melanie Haiken, Capital One, Bob Owsinski, Stephen M. Weber, Tim Wood, Moor Insights, Strategy, Nick Passmore, Robert C. Lawton, Marcia Layton, Seth Porges, Matt Schifrin, Matt Patterson, Kathy Caprino, Nicole F. Roberts, Catherine Sabino, David B. Hoffman, David Coursey, Ryan Ellis, Alex Ledsom, John Hall, Amy Morin, Glenn G. Lammi, Bridget Bisnette, Jim Gorzelany, Ellevate, Rachel Steinberg, Jay Mcgregor, Bob Mcmahon, Roger Groves, Maseena Ziegler, Jim Collins, Thomas Landstreet, Ken Kam, Joel Kornblau, London Business, Patrick Moorhead, Jessica Bosari, Nikki Baird, Chris Ladd, Martin Sullivan, Jon Martindale, Miranda Paquet, Paul Lamkin, David Adesnik, Mark Murphy, Victor Lipman, Brandindex, Shel Carpenter, Kris Putnam, Michael Xie, Don Reisinger, Ashlea Ebeling, Ckgsb Knowledge, Tim Noble, Northwestern Mutualvoice, Danielle Rossingh, Grace-Marie Turner, Tim Clark, Tanya Klich, Brittany Hodak, Jennifer Cohen, Ariel Lopez, Jacob Frenkel, Judith Magyar, David Kiley, Roytel Montero, Brian Brettschneider, Josh Steimle, Diana Hembree, Ben Sin, Michael Lynch, Jude Clemente, Scott Kramer, Jordan Shapiro, John Schneider, David Auten, Camryn Rabideau, Nathan Lewis, Jeena Cho, Luke Y. Thompson, John Hancock, Raini Hamdi, On Marketing, Mark Stone, Murray Goldstein, Gordon G. Chang, Richard Vedder, Steven Barr, Jia Wertz, Royston Wild, R.L. Adams, Roberta Naas, Adrienne Gibbs, Brian Koberlein, Doug Bandow, Pamela N. Danziger, Suzie Dundas, Debra Borchardt, Forbes Guest, Nancy L. Anderson, William P. Barrett, Nicola Fumo, Robert Rapier, Tanisha Pina, Steven John, David Dawkins, Rachel Klein, Lindsay Boyers, Anthony Karcz, Ilker Koksal, Rainer Zitelmann, Mike Patton, Nicholas Reimann, Alison Durkee, Taylor Tepper, Michael Posner, Michael Posner, Aaron Smith, Matt Perez, Joe Walsh, Emma Codd, George Calhoun, Christopher Elliott, Craig Hooper, Siladitya Ray, Aayushi Pratap, Chauncey Crail See less.

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