New York Post (News) media bias rating is Lean Right.

New York Post news has a Lean Right media bias rating.

In July 2020, AllSides shifted New York Post's media bias rating to Lean Right, and created a separate media bias rating for New York Post Opinion.

An AllSides editor conducted an independent review that found New York Post's news reporting is generally objective and factual, though often focuses on issues of importance to conservatives. On its homepage, it blurs the line between news and opinion by not clearly marking opinion content as such.

Media Bias Claims

According to Wikipedia, the New York Post has been criticized for "sensationalism, blatant advocacy, and conservative bias." It continues:

Perhaps the most serious allegation against the Post is that it is willing to contort its news coverage to suit Murdoch's business needs, in particular that the paper has avoided reporting anything that is unflattering to the government of the People's Republic of China, where Murdoch has invested heavily in satellite television.[51] However, it has recently allowed criticism of the People's Republic of China and its handling of the Hong Kong protests.[52]


According to a survey conducted by Pace University n 2004, the Post was rated the least-credible major news outlet in New York. It was the only news outlet to receive more responses calling it "not credible" than credible (44% not credible to 39% credible).

About The New York Post

The New York Post is a daily newspaper in New York City, published in tabloid format. Its distribution ranked 4th in the US in 2018.


According to Wikipedia, Rupert Murdoch bought the Post in 1976 for US$30.5 million. Since 1993, the Post has been owned by News Corporation and its successor, News Corp, which had owned it previously from 1976 to 1988.

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Lois Weiss, Steve Cuozzo, Chris Perez, Gerard Du Cann, Carl Campanile, Tamar Lapin, John Crudele , and 134 more. See full list. John Crudele, Karol Markowicz, Jennifer Gould Keil, Bob Mcmanus, John Podhoretz, Maureen Callahan, Kyle Smith, Jackie Salo, Marisa Schultz, Michael Goodwin, Johnny Oleksinski, Kevin Kernan, Ken Davidoff, Isabel Vincent, Tina Moore, Larry Celona, David Meyer, Bruce Golding, Amanda Woods, Joshua Rhett Miller, Alexandria Hein, Joe Tacopino, Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, Kenneth Garger, Lisa Fickenscher, @LevineJonathan, Mike Vaccaro, Rich Lowry, Steve Ser, @nypost, George Willis, Naomi Schaefer, Keith J. Kelly, Joel Sherman, Miranda Devine, Andrew Marchand, Lee Brown, Emily Saul, Andrew Denney, Kate Sheehy, Paul Sperry, Greg Giangrande, Michael Riedel, Nicole Gelinas, Mark Moore, Ben Feuerherd, Olivia Bensimon, Nikki Schwab, Ben Cost, Rebecca Santiago, Nolan Hicks, Virginia Backaitis, Hannah Sparks, Gabrielle Fonrouge, Julia Marsh, Laura Italiano, Yaron Steinbuch, Bob Fredericks, Thornton Mcenery, Lia Eustachewich, Noah Manskar, Mark Cannizzaro, Joshua Rhett, Josh Kosman, Lorena Mongelli, Nicolas Vega, Vincent Barone, Kevin Sheehan, Rebecca Rosenberg, Israel Salas, Richard Morgan, Aaron Feis, Rich Calder, Sara Dorn, David K. Li, Craig Mccarthy, Joseph Connor, Ben Cohn, Bernadette Hogan, Timothy Cardinal, Paula Froelich, Samantha Previte, Rebecca Liebson, Caroll Alvarado, Melissa Malamut, Selim Algar, Dana Schuster, Melkorka Licea, Mollie Walker, Eileen Aj Connelly, Steven Nelson, Moneyish, Ebony Bowden, Zach Braziller, Doree Lewak, Sam Raskin, Stephanie Gaskell, Rob Bailey, Jerry Capeci, Elizabeth Rosner, Jane Ridley, Reuven Fenton, George A. King, Marc Berman, Susannah Cahalan, Christopher Cameron, Post Wires, John Aidan Rne, Czininyp, Jordi Lippe, Zachary Kussin, Emily Jacobs, Natalie Musumeci, Anabel Sosa, Tom Robbins, Justin Terranova, Jack Hobbs, Mark W. Sanchez, Greg Joyce, Shawn Cohen, Vanita Salisbury, Stephanie Pagones, Jon Levine, Jorge Fitz, Jaclyn Hendricks, Georgett Roberts, Susan Edelman, Michael A. Walsh, Michael Kaplan, Alexandra Steigrad, Sara Nathan, Alex Taylor, Robert Bryce, Dana Kennedy, Adam Schrader See less.

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