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Equip students with the skills they need to participate thoughtfully in a democratic society – and in life.

Teachers in all 50 states use our balanced news, media bias resources, and dialogue platform to build the skills that students need to navigate a constantly changing online landscape.

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Professional Development

Building Critical Thinkers: Navigating News and Bias in the Classroom with AllSides

Do you want to engage your students around the 2024 election but without bias and misinformation?

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We offer student login for secure, ad-free access to Complies with COPPA/FERPA and local student data privacy regulations. To request more information, including pricing for larger schools and districts, please fill out our interest form.

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Notice Board

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Dialogue Across Differences

Mismatch by AllSides

With Mismatch, students talk to other students across the country, inspiring them to connect beyond their immediate world and build a healthy democracy - without leaving the classroom. Use Mismatch by itself, or include it in your classroom flow.

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