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Preparing students to participate thoughtfully in democracy - and in life.

How can teachers prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate modern media, social networks, and their personal relationships? How can teachers engage in current events and controversial topics without causing divisions in the classroom or being charged with bias?

AllSides for Schools helps educators teach essential skills in critical thinking, collaboration, listening and respectful discourse, media literacy and social-emotional learning. Our unique focus on building relationships and revealing multiple viewpoints across the political spectrum avoids the potential problems with bias and disrespecting individual beliefs.

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School Resources for Teachers

AllSides News

See the news today from all perspectives across the political spectrum. Take bias surveys to discover your own leanings and how you compare with the rest of the country.

Relationships First

Introduces students to civil dialog and appreciating others even when we disagree


Connect your students with others across the country with different backgrounds for respectful video conversations. Learn more by checking out the Mismatch Summary and FAQs, the Mismatch Teacher Packet. You can also donate to Mismatch here.

Balanced Dictionary

We encourage use of our balanced AllSides Dictionary to tackle terms that are controversial or hard to talk about in the classroom. We have a 1 or multiple day program that uses a Dictionary term (of your choosing) within a lesson plan.

School Blogs

A collection of blogs featuring interviews with teachers, deeper explanations of featured services and explorations of education-related topics.

Issue Lesson Plans and Activities by Topic

We have lesson plans and resources (1-to-several day programs ), many provided in partnership with Christian Science Monitor that engage students in one specific issue.

More School Resources for Teachers

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Classroom Activities

These activities can be applied to multiple subjects across the curriculum, including Language Arts, Speaking and Listening, Social Sciences, Government and Civics

School Toolbox

Check out our variety of tools that can be integrated into any educational program, such as our:
  • multi-perspective breakdown of news, issues and topics
  • a specialized Search that shows results filtered from the left, center and right
  • online tools and offline guides for dialog and civil conversations
  • bias quizzes, surveys and ratings to help students understand bias in themselves, others, in social networks and the media
  • and more.

Common Core

How AllSides fits into the Common Core standards:

Some useful information about Common Core from other sources:

Can you discuss politics or controversial topics in a classroom?

Yes, if you do it the right way. AllSides for Schools makes this possible.

Here is the problem. Sometimes political and cultural issues can become very personal and divisive, pitting groups of people against each other. Educators don’t want to offend anyone or create a division within the school community, but they know that controversy and division are a part of this world.

Educators need to prepare students for these challenges.

Students need to learn how to sort through mass media and social networks, think critically about the issues, and engage with each other in a healthy and positive way, even when there are differences in opinions and backgrounds.

AllSides for Schools helps educators teach these valuable lessons and skills. With its unique focus on maintaining healthy relationships and revealing multiple points of view across the political spectrum, it also avoids the potential pitfalls and internal controversies around bias or disrespecting individual beliefs.

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