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350 Newspapers Coordinate Editorials Critiquing Trump's Press Rhetoric

On Aug. 16, 350 newspapers across the U.S. participated in a coordinated campaign, encouraged by the editorial board of The Boston Globe, in which they published editorials pushing back against President Trump's negative rhetoric about the media. Some on the Left said the move was necessary to protect freedom of the press, while some on the Right said the move will backfire by proving the media is biased against Trump.

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Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner Sues Colorado After Refusing to Make Birthday Cake Celebrating Transgender Woman's Transition

Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who recently won a Supreme Court victory after declining to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, is suing the state after the Civil Rights Commission opened another case against him for refusing to create a birthday cake celebrating Denver attorney Amber Scardina's transition from male to female. Many on the Left have criticized Phillips for discriminating against the LGBT community, with some saying that this new case presents a tough legal precedent. Many on the Right argue that Phillips' critics are merely bullying him, citing several antagonistic requests he has received to make cakes with sexually explicit messages and Satanic symbols, which he believes came from Scardina.

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Colorado School District Moves to 4-Day Week

A district in Colorado is switching to a 4 day school week in an attempt to save $1 million, with the change coming after 6 failed attempts to raise money through bond elections. Some critics have voiced concerns over the additional costs that parents will have to spend on childcare.

Word of the Week: Microaggression

The term microaggression is used to refer to commonplace words and behaviors that some say convey a subtle hostility towards marginalized groups based on their immutable characteristics. Others argue that these grievances propel a culture of victimhood. Check out the AllSides Dictionary to get a balanced view on more hot button political buzzwords.