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Ben Carson to Revise Obama-Era Fair Housing Rule

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson announced plans to roll back an Obama-era fair housing rule which required local governments that received HUD funding to assess and break down discriminatory barriers in housing markets. Supporters say the original regulation overburdened communities and impeded the production of affordable housing, while critics argue that the changes will further segregate areas.

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West Virginia's Entire Supreme Court Impeached

The entire West Virginia Supreme Court has been impeached by the state's House of Delegates, citing excessive spending. While no one has defended the lavish expenditures, some have likened the move to a coup executed by the Republican-controlled legislature in order to allow the sitting GOP governor, Jim Justice, to replace several Democrats on the high court.

Word of the Week: Hate Speech

Many on the Left say hate speech incites violence and puts marginalized groups at risk, while many on the Right claim that it is too subjective a term to define and often leads to supressing conservative ideas. Check out the AllSides Dictionary to get a balanced view on more hot button political buzzwords.