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Trump Seeks to Rally Support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement

President Trump encouraged local officials to express support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a letter issued on Monday, criticizing the abolish ICE movement proposed by left-wing Democrats and claiming that the agency's elimination would lead to “terror, bloodshed and suffering”. Supporters of ICE argue that it is necessary to maintain strong borders, while opponents argue that its mission is too highly focused on deportation and needs to be reformed.

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California Bill Would Regulate Restaurants Serving Sugary Drinks to Kids

A California bill that would restrict restaurants to only offering water or unflavored milk with kid's meals passed the Assembly and now heads to Governor Jerry Brown's desk. Supporters say that the measure is necessary to help children make healthier choices, while opponents say the government should not be involved in parenting.

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Controversy Mounts Over Trump's Cancellation of Brennan's Security Clearance

A bipartisan group of more than 175 officials from the Pentagon and State Department added their names to a statement condemning President Trump's recent decision to revoke ex-CIA director John Brennan's security clearance for publicly criticizing the president's interactions with Russia. Some supporters of Trump's decision say that Brennan is irresponsibly outspoken and has politicized intelligence matters.

Word of the Week: Microaggression

The term microaggression is used to refer to commonplace words and behaviors that some say convey a subtle hostility towards marginalized groups based on their immutable characteristics. Others argue that these grievances propel a culture of victimhood. Check out the AllSides Dictionary to get a balanced view on more hot button political buzzwords.