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Celebrating Political Diversity
Wisdom 2.0 Summit

Free Yourself from Filter Bubbles
TED Talk

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A place to go: How democracy can save itself
The Fulcrum

Study: Google News Mass Shootings Results 70 Percent Liberal, 4 Percent Conservative
PJ Media

Google Fails Bias Test (Again) On Mass Shootings
National Legal and Policy Center

Defining "Fake News" is Harder Than You'd Think
OECD Forum

Understanding Breaking News from Multiple Political Perspectives Using AllSides

Calls to split California reveal deeper problems in tech, politics
The Hill

5 Ways to Talk About the News With People Who Disagree With You

4 Tools to Verify Your Internet
Netted by the Webbys

#ListenFirst for Dignity, Hope, and National Security
National Conversation Project

Joan Blades + John Gable: Two bridge builders starting from opposite “banks” of our political divide.
respect + rebellion

65 Percent of Google News Links Point to Left Sources

Report: Google News’ Search Results Aren’t Rigged But They Are Biased
Hot Air

Report: Google News Biased Toward the Left 4-to-1

Report: Google Search Had ‘Strong Preference’ Towards Showing Users Left-Leaning Results
Western Journal

ERIC’S TECH TALK – Deepfake: When you can’t believe your eyes
The Town Line

Fox 5 News On the Hill -- Bias in the media following the release of the anonymous Op-Ed in New York Times

Next Generation Politics's Katelyn Goodpaster Interviews John Gable
Next Generation Politics

Google News is heavily biased – but it's not rigged
Washington Examiner

Can Conversation Help Heal the Political Divide?
Greater Good Magazine

We Should All Speak to People We Don’t Agree With. Here’s How
The Aspen Institute

The Dark Ages of the Internet [PDF]
EHS Magazine

Sinclair's 'fake news' promos ask the impossible
Washington Examiner

To fix American democracy, the left should commit to these four steps
The Guardian

You Won’t Change Your Cranky Conservative Uncle in One Dinner Conversation
Mother Jones

Bridging the Divide: Free Speech on College Campuses
Saturday Evening Post

Come out of the political closet in 2018 and help heal our divide
USA Today

Trump Has Divided the Country. Some Americans Are Trying to Bring Us Back Together

Reach across the aisle moment (California Playbook)



AUDIO: Live interview on BBC Radio 5
BBC News - 12 minute audio interview, starts at 3:36:55 into the program

Can service design become media’s secret weapon?
The Media Briefing

Talk about it: Movement works to bridge political divisions through dialogue
East Bay Times

The Political Is Now Personal
Huffington Post

AllSides’s John Gable: from the Dark Ages of the internet to bursting bubbles
Online Journalism Blog

Staying Informed While the Press is Under Attack
Intellectual Freedom Blog

The truth and ‘alternative facts’: Language is always subject to change
The Independent

AUDIO: AllSides solving polarization with bias ratings and civil dialog
(Interview with John Gable starts at 15 minute mark)
Pantsuit Politics (podcast)

VIDEO: How This Startup Helps People Find Common Political Ground
Entrepreneur - 2 minute video

A Berkeley activist tries to bring civility to the Trump era

Breaking out of this election's partisan prison
The Christian Science Monitor

Op-Ed Series for The Christian Science Monitor
by AllSides Co-founder John Gable and other AllSides writers

Delegate Rules Actually Help Trump
The Cook Political Report - Analysis by AllSides Co-founder John Gable

AUDIO: Do You Know How Biased You Are?
How Do We Fix It? The Fix It Show

The Stories: Media
The Blaze

Bridging America’s Divide - Can the Internet Help?
The Huffington Post - Guest Opinion by AllSides Co-founder John Gable

South Florida Republicans are fed up with their party leaders on climate change
WGBH (Public Radio and Online News)

Get the whole story with news from the left, right and center
Kim Komando

New Political News Site Places Opposing Views Side By Side

Media Watch
The Washington Times

AllSides joins alternative media

Escaping the 'echo chamber'
Convergence@UWW (Changes in Journalism, and Journalism Education)

AUDIO: Interview with John Gable, Founder of AllSides
CBS News and CNET, Larry Magid

Website showcases political spectrum
Gateway Journalism Review

Relevant: The AllSides project
PolitiFact Bias

Web site presents 'all sides' of election news (article and podcast)

VIDEO: Making it easier to choose your next Presidential Candidate
NBC and Tech Now!

New Crowd-Sourced Technology Exposes Bias

VIDEO: John Gable, CEO of AllSides, A New Startup that Shows You News from Different Sides

Breaking through the Political Noise
San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate

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