Survey Date: 
May 2017

May 2017 Blind Bias Survey

Headlines from one particular day in May 2017 were pulled from multiple online media outlets. Participants viewed the top five headlines from each source, along with the first ~150 words of the stories. Stories were stripped of branding or any information that would allow participants to identify the outlet. Participants were asked to rate the bias of the source.

Outlets evaluated in the May 2017 blind bias survey were:

AllSides uses multiple methods for calculating media bias ratings.

Our blind bias survey, described in the graphic below, represents our most robust media bias rating method, but it is not the only method we use. A source might openly share its bias, or it may be determined by third party research, an independent review, or an editorial review. Take a look at the multiple methods AllSides uses to measure and rate media bias.

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