AllSides Editorial Philosophy

The AllSides news feed works to free our audience from internet-fueled filter bubbles, covering a vast range of news and perspectives from sources across the political spectrum. Our news team actively strives to curate balanced news and diverse perspectives that help our audience better understand the world — and each other. We believe exposing people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum will strengthen our democracy.

Content and Accuracy

  • AllSides curates news in alignment with our editorial philosophy.
  • Through curation, AllSides reflects the media as it is, while giving voice to uncommon or ignored viewpoints. This helps readers easily access different perspectives so they can better understand the full story or issue rather than be misled, misinformed or limited by a one-sided view.
  • We correct our errors quickly, completely and visibly, and strive to make it easy for our audience to bring errors to our attention.
  • We clearly distinguish between hard news reporting, opinion and analysis in all content, curated and original. We reflect the original publisher’s labels for curated content, rather than labeling based on our own judgements.
  • AllSides does not fact-check all content curated from other publishers; in the event that false or misleading information surfaces in our news feed, we will notify readers by subsequently posting articles that contradict or correct the erroneous information.

Balance and Fairness

  • Ensuring balance on our newsfeed is central to our mission. We make it our goal to balance popular voices on an issue with those that may be minimized by any number of influences.
  • We use our AllSides Media Bias Ratings to curate an even amount of content from the Left, Center and Right each day, taking care to reflect diverse perspectives on top issues of the day. We do not strive to post the most sensational takes or the most mockable; we aim to represent each side fairly and in good faith.
  • AllSides doesn’t simply choose what the top headlines of the day are. We take a look at the entire media landscape and reflect what is being covered most prominently — or being ignored — across hundreds of news sources and outlets.

Transparency and Conflicts of Interest

  • We do not allow the interests of our funders to affect the integrity of our work. We do, however, engage in content partnerships with organizations that share goals similar to ours. This content is included in our news feed and occasionally given special promotion on our site and social media platforms.
  • We have funders and partners whose work is focused on certain issues, which may lead us to curate an extra amount of news and information on those issues over time.

Source Reliability and Attribution

  • AllSides curates news, opinions and other content from hundreds of sources rated by our AllSides Media Bias Ratings system. We rate the perspective of sources, not their credibility or accuracy.
  • We do our best to curate content that abides by proper attribution standards, such as proper links, citations and accreditation; occasionally AllSides will curate content that does not use proper attribution to highlight flaws in media coverage.

Robot Journalism

  • Unless otherwise noted, all AllSides curation is done manually.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all AllSides Media Bias Ratings are conducted via manual, human analysis and multipartisan review. We may develop automated programs for rating bias in the future.

Clickbait and Metrics

  • We use metrics and analytics to gauge the success of our content. We do not use them to influence what we curate or how often we cover certain topics.

Social Networks

  • Based on our media bias ratings, we post an even amount of explicitly-labeled content from the left, right and center to our social media platforms each day.
  • We encourage discourse on social media and welcome feedback from users of these platforms.

Our Community

  • The AllSides audience is one of our greatest assets. We encourage our audience to consume news consciously and seek out diverse viewpoints. We welcome audience feedback on our news curation and bias ratings. While we closely measure audience demographics and the popularity of our content, that information does not influence our editorial focus. Community votes do not determine our bias ratings, but act as valuable feedback that may prompt further review.