Truth or Fiction media bias rating is Lean Left.

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June 2021 Editorial Review: Truth or Fiction Moved to Lean Left

Truth or Fiction was moved to a Lean Left rating following a June 2021 Small Group Editorial Review by AllSides editors on the left, center, and right. Truth or Fiction was previously rated Center. 

During the review, we saw numerous instances of Truth or Fiction’s left-leaning bias. First, we noted that they focused the majority of their political fact-checks on Republicans or right-leaning claims. Next, we found the use of subjective qualifiers such as “far right host’s” and “attention-seeking conspiracy theorists,” seen in article previews, as well as naming Critical Race Theory the right’s “boogeyman.” They also included fact-checks on personal interpretations. Finally, there were clear instances, such as this article on Critical Race Theory, in which Truth or Fiction moved away from fact-checking and instead defended left-leaning ideas.

About Truth or Fiction (or is a "mythbusting" website about urban legends, Internet rumors, e-mail forwards, and other stories of unknown or questionable origin. was founded by the late Rich Buhler, who was also known as the "Father of Modern Christian Talk Radio" at KBRT. The topics are researched by TruthOrFiction's staff, and rated "Truth" (if true), or "Fiction" (if untrue). When the accuracy is not known with certainty, the stories are rated "Unproven," "Disputed," "Reported to be Truth" or "Reported to be Fiction." Partially true stories are rated "Truth & Fiction," "Truth But Inaccurate Details," or similar.