Politico media bias rating is Lean Left.

Politico's bias rating is Lean Left.

History of the Politico Media Bias Rating

Politico's media bias rating was previously Center. On February 1, 2018, after analyzing results from an AllSides blind bias survey and editorial review, the Politico media bias rating moved from Center to Lean Left. Previous AllSides blind bias surveys on Politico brought back a Center rating, though close to Lean Left. However, our 2017 blind survey results came back as a solid Lean Left. The AllSides community has provided feedback and the majority agree that Politico has a Lean Left rating. Our team also conducted an Editorial Review and found Politico's articles demonstrate a consistent Lean Left bias.

As of July 2016, over half of the 6,000 AllSides users who voted disagreed with our rating of Center, and those who disagreed had an average rating of Center, with a small lean toward Left. A March 2013 blind bias survey of Politico's headlines produced results closer to Lean Right, though not far from Center.

According to a 2014 Pew Research Center study, "Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum," "Just 16% of the Politico audience has mixed ideological views, compared with 36% of all Web users. Consistent conservatives are represented in Politico's audience on par with their proportion among all respondents, while consistent liberals are overrepresented."

Rightwing sites The Daily Caller and Breitbart each published stories in 2011 and 2012, respectively, claiming that Politico has a liberal bias in its news coverage.

Media Bias/Fact Check rates Politico as "least biased" and "high" for factual reporting.

About Politico

Politico is a political journal that focuses on United States and international politics and policy. It was founded in January of 2007, and is based in Arlington, Virginia. John F. Harris and Jim VandHei both left their jobs at The Washington Post to work for Politico as editor-in-chief and executive editor.

According to its website, "POLITICO strives to be the dominant source for politics and policy in power centers across every continent where access to reliable information, non-partisan journalism and real-time tools creates, informs and engages a global citizenry."

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Michael Stratford, Elanor Schor, Annie Karni, James Arkin, Alex Isenstadt, Burgess Everett, Sarah Ferris , and 28 more. See full list. Sarah Ferris, Anita Kumar, David Brown, Josh Gerstein, Holly Otterbein, Caitlin Oprysko, Andrew Restuccia, Dan Diamond, Eliana Johnson, Daniel Lippman, Darren Samuelsohn, Kyle Cheney, Jasper Craven, Rebecca Morin, Andrew Desiderio, Quint Forgey, Sarah Owermohle, Christopher Cadelago, Rishika Dugyala, Carla Marinucci, Jeremy B. White, Steven Overly, Matthew Choi, @politico, @JakeSherman, @lbarronlopez, @burgessev, @kyledcheney, Miranda Neubauer See less.

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