Politico media bias rating is Lean Left.

February 1, 2018: After analyzing results from our most recent blind bias survey and editorial review, the Politico media bias rating has moved from Center to Lean Left.

Politico's media bias, given by the AllSides Bias Rating™, is center. Politico says that they “strike a perfect balance” in regards to demographics. Thirty-six percent of Politico readers are democrats, twenty-seven percent are republicans, nineteen percent are independent, and eighteen percent are other. The Daily Caller and Breitbart each published stories in 2011 and 2012, respectively, claiming that Politico has a liberal bias in its news coverage. As of July 2016, over half of the 6,000 AllSides users who voted disagreed with our rating of center, and those who disagree have an average rating of center, with a small lean toward left. Our March 2013 blind survey produced results closer to lean right, though not far from center. More research to determine the bias of Politico is still needed.

More On Politico

Politico is a political journal that focuses on United States and international politics and policy. It was founded recently in January of 2007, based in Arlington, Virginia. John F. Harris and Jim VandHei both left their jobs at The Washington Post to work for Politico as editor-in-chief and executive editor. Politico's main publications are based in Washington D.C., Manhattan, and Brussels. As of January 2016, in Washington D.C., the daily circulation of Politico was about 30,000 papers. Politico's American website has about 12 million different visitors each month, and about 1.5 million each month to the European website. The paper is ranked as “the number one most-read Capitol Hill publication online and in print.” Although Politico is based in Washington D.C., 83 percent of Politico readers reside outside of D.C.


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The AllSides Media Bias Rating reflects the average judgment of the American people.

The AllSides Media Bias RatingTM reflects the average judgment of the American people. We don't use a convoluted mathematical or artificial intelligence model, but instead have regular people representing the broad spectrum of Americans blindly rate the bias of articles. That produces a fair, verifiable bias rating.

This media bias rating was determined using the following levels of bias verification.

Basis of Rating:

Blind Survey
Third Party Data
Community Feedback
Editorial Review
Secondary Research

Confidence Level:


Unless otherwise noted, this bias rating refers only to news articles on their web site, not from opinion pieces or what is broadcasted on TV or radio. The opinion writers from the same media source may have different bias ratings, so individual writers often are rated separately.