Washington Times media bias rating is Lean Right.

The Washington Times' media bias rating is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

The Washington Times has a Lean Right bias.

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Washington Times Rated Lean Right in September 2022 Small Group Editorial Review

A Sept. 2022 Small Group Editorial Review, conducted by a multipartisan panel of AllSides reviewers, rated the Washington Times Lean Right. While reviewers on the left, right, and center noted balanced coverage on several stories, they also noted several articles that favored GOP politicians and that the self-description of the outlet conveyed conservative values. 

A reviewer on the right observed that the Washington Times reported on some issues that the right doesn’t often cover, such as Indigenous rights. The reviewer on the right also saw multiple articles that were critical of the Democrats, indicating bias by story choice. Other reviewers noted a focus on stories relevant to the right such as border security, student loan debt forgiveness, and a potential presidential run by Gov. DeSantis. All reviewers noticed some center stories

Reviewers on the left and right found that the about page of the Washington Times website portrayed an intention to provide right-leaning news coverage. The Washington Times identified its goal as being "a trusted counterweight to the media often identified as ‘mainstream’" and "to inform and to celebrate the American values of freedom, faith and family."

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Washington Times Rated on Border of Center, Lean Right in Aug. 2022 Blind Bias Survey

The Washington Times was rated on the border of Center and Lean Right in the Aug. 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey. AllSides had Washington Times rated Lean Right at the time; the results triggered a Small Group Editorial Review.

On average, respondents who self-reported being Left and Lean Left rated the Washington Times as Lean Right, while respondents who are Center and on the right (Right, Lean Right) rated it as Center.

Democrats rated the Washington Times as Lean Right, on average, while Independents and Republicans rated it as Center.

A total of 853 people from across the political spectrum rated the bias of the Washington Times. The weighted average was 1.03, which is on the border of Lean Right and Center. The middle 50% of responses lied between -1.75 (Lean Left) and 3.09 (Right) – an interquartile range of 4.84.

During a Blind Bias Survey, people from all sides of the political spectrum and a diverse array of ages and geographic locations rate the bias of content from a media outlet blindly, meaning all identifying branding information is removed. Sign up for a Blind Bias Survey here.

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Community Feedback

As of April 2017, a vast majority of the 14,000 AllSides users who voted agreed with the Lean Right rating.

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About The Washington Times

On its About page, The Washington Times states [retrieved 9/12/2022],

Since 1982, The Washington Times has furthered its founder's vision to provide a trusted counterweight to the media often identified as "mainstream." While presidents, prime ministers and other power brokers worldwide rely on our coverage, The Times primary audience consists of readers outside the halls of power. The Times delivers that audience facts and commentary to inform and to celebrate the American values of freedom, faith and family.

The Washington Times was founded by Sun Myung Moon in 1982. The Times notes that Moon "will forever be tied to the fight to defeat communism, a cause to which he devoted much of his life’s work." Speaking of the fall of the Soviet empire, he said, "I do not have the slightest doubt that God used The Washington Times to help bring an end to the most pernicious worldwide dictatorship in history and gave freedom to tens of millions of people."

The Times continued, "
As president, Ronald Reagan often praised Rev. Moon’s work and that of The Times, which, especially in the 1980s, focused extensively on communism and its attempted expansion around the globe."

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Third Party Claims of Bias

Many have referred to The Washington Times as conservative, including The New York TimesUSA Today, and Wikipedia. (View AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ for The New York Times, USA Today, and Wikipedia.)

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Who Owns and Funds The Washington Times

Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings™. Our bias ratings are determined by assessing the bias of content only. We provide financial and ownership information as an FYI to our readers.

The Washington Times was founded in 1982 by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church. The Washington Times is owned by TWT Holdings LLC., which is a subsidiary of Operations Holdings, Inc. The holding company is a subsidiary of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity . Christopher Dolan is the current president and executive editor of The Washington Times.

Financing and ownership information last updated April 17, 2022. If you think this information is out of date or needs to be updated, please contact us.

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Authors who have written for Washington Times

Tom Giovanetti, Harry J. Kazianis, Juana Summers, Michael Liedtke, Jonathan Turley, Jonathan Ellis, Isaiah Seibert , and 5264 more. See full list. Isaiah Seibert, Steve Cortes, Eric Schmitt, Michaele Niehaus, Lawrence Specker, Joe Marusak, Kristen Johnson, Kaitlyn Schwers, Michael Hill, Daily Press, Lee Reich, Dan Boyd, Lisa Gutierrez, Tom Hays, Jennifer Peltz, Gabrielle Russon, David Klepper, Adam Beam, Patrick Quinn, Hans Von Spakovsky, Kathleen Ronayne, Michelle Price, Alejandra Molina, Mary Esch, Richard M. Barron, Michael Graham, Mike Glenn, Lorraine Mirabella, Briana Adhikusuma, Lauren Cross, Katie Mckellar, Rick Shrum, Jake Coyle, Elisha Sauers, Oona Goodin-Smith, Ryan Boetel, Stephen Moore, Lorne Cook, Mary Perez, Megan Burks, James Barron, Sun Herald, Liz Peek, John Lott, Lenya Heitzig, Marvin Clemons, Hugh Lessig, Baltimore Sun, Valerie Wells, Lisa Maria Garza, The Virginian-Pilot, Leslie Postal, Hadley Barndollar, The Sun Herald, Mike Catalini, St. Claire Donaghy, Peggy Grande, Susan Montoya Bryan, Nancy Mclaughlin, Alison Bosma, Curt Anderson, Amanda Lee Myers, Karen Matthews, Kevin Rector, Tim Prudente, Mark Bauerlein, The Telegraph, Bob Susnjara, Matt Sedensky, Ahmed Al-haj, Bernard Condon, Billy Hallowell, Juan A. Lozano, Michael Futch, Annie Ma, Mark Kennedy, Andrew Dalton, Anita Lee, Zachary Hansen, John Rogers, Lisa Rathke, Verena Dobnik, Russell Contreras, Mick Zawislak, Edward Lee, Brooke Cain, Rodney Ho, Nomaan Merchant, Larry Neumeister, Jeff Martin, Ernie Suggs, Steve Vockrodt, John Wenzel, Renatta Signorini, Bryan Anderson, Stephen Groves, Tammy Bruce, Suman Naishadham, Gillian Flaccus, Amy Taxin, Tessa Weinberg, Bani Sapra, Sudhin Thanawala, Michael Balsamo, Jo Ciavaglia, Steve Leblanc, Michael R. 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