InfoWars media bias rating is Right.

AllSides rates InfoWars as having a far right bias. A nearly even split of about 48 users agreed with this AllSides Bias Rating. Although additional data needs to be collected, we are relatively confident in this rating given controversies with which the website has been involved and comments made by founder Alex Jones.

Jones considers himself a libertarian and strict constitutionalist, fighting against the perceived threats of techno-authoritarianism and globalism. Among conspiracy theories he has fanned are accusations that the United States was involved in the Oklahoma City bombings and 9/11, and that the Moon landings were faked in order to hide NASA’s secret technology. Jones has been the center of several controversial interactions on television, including a shouting match with Piers Morgan in 2013 over gun control. During the 2016 Republican National Convention, Jones and conservative activist Roger Stone interrupted a live broadcast by The Young Turks, a liberal media site, and engaged in a heated argument with host Cenk Uygur.

InfoWars has produced consistently anti-Hillary Clinton articles, recently publishing content that the mainstream media is covering up Clinton’s health issues. Paul Joseph Watson, editor of InfoWars’ news site called Prison Planet, frequently produces content attacking the religion of Islam, the Black Lives Matter group, feminists, and several other groups he perceives are favored by the left. He is currently one of the lead figures of the “Alt-Right” movement.

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InfoWars is a news site that produces original articles as well as The Alex Jones Show, a radio show syndicated on over 160 stations across the country. The show has a heavily young demographic due to its “highly conspirational tone and Web-oriented approach.” As of 2010, the show attracted around two million listeners each week. 


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