Newsweek media bias rating is Left.

Newsweek has a clear Left bias. AllSides shifted Newsweek's bias from Lean Left to Left following a May 2020 independent review by an AllSides editor.

Newsweek's content heavily employs slant, a type of media bias in which the publication's writers tell only the side of the story or choose to highlight only information or story topics that favor one side; in this case, Newsweek's content favors liberal or left-wing perspective and policies. Newsweek omits right-wing viewpoints, perspectives, and stories that may be deemed important to those on the right.

Newsweek's media bias shows in articles and opinion pieces that are clearly favorable of left-wing politicians and causes, such as the LGBTQ movement, reparations, and globalism.


Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine founded in 1933. According to Wikipedia, "Newsweek was acquired by The Washington Post Company in 1961, under whose ownership it remained until 2010. Between 2008 and 2012, Newsweek experienced financial difficulties, leading to the cessation of print publication and a transition to all-digital format at the end of 2012. The print edition then relaunched in March 2014 under different ownership."

Authors who have written for Newsweek

Richard A. Epstein, Michele Gorman, Harriet Sinclair, John Haltiwanger, Carlos Ballesteros, Graham Lanktree, Kristin Hugo , and 135 more. See full list. Kristin Hugo, Kastalia Medrano, Anna Menta, Melina Delkic, Christina Zhao, Tom Porter, Shane Croucher, Meghan Bartels, Ryan Sit, Katherine Hignett, Jason Murdock, Nicole Goodkind, Max Kutner, Jessica Kwong, Aristos Georgiou, Gillian Edevane, Alexandra Hutzler, Brendan Cole, Greg Price, Ramsey Touchberry, Benjamin Fearnow, Hannah Osborne, Maria Perez, Kelly Wynne, Chantal Da Silva, Nina Godlewski, James Laporta, Kashmira Gander, Jason Lemon, Cristina Maza, Jenni Fink, Tim Marcin, Daniel Moritz, David Brennan, Tom O'Connor, Donica Phifer, Ewan Palmer, Will Racke, Jason Le Miere, Scott Mcdonald, M.L. Nestel, Andrew Whalen, David Sim, Chris Morran, Callum Paton, Dan Cancian, Seth Abramson, Nina Burleigh, Just Lunning, Marie Solis, Hannah Preston, Sophia Waterfield, Hayley Prokos, Janice Williams, Asher Stockler, Alexander Kacala, Mark Hosenball, Angela Levin, Jennifer Guttenberg, K Thor Jensen, Steven Asarch, Chris Riotta, Terry Mcauliffe, Stav Ziv, Matt Keeley, Kevin Maney, Jessica Durham, Beatrice Dupuy, Rosie Mccall, Michael Hirsh, Robert Valencia, George F. Will, Conor Gaffey, Eva Schloss, Jonathan Granoff, Aidan Quigley, Steven Levy, Anna Gibbs, Daniel Avery, Zachary Fryer, Josh Lowe, Timothy L. O'Brien, Michael E. Mann, Tufayel Ahmed, Jeffrey A. Tucker, Jack Markell, Kurt Eichenwald, Tareq Haddad, Maria Vultaggio, Vicente Fox, Jon Meacham, Matthew Impelli, Hunter Moyler, Marika Malaea, James Crowley, Ilma Hasan, Taylor Swaak, Melissa Lemieux, Alexander Nazaryan, Nicole Rojas, Laura Powers, Carlye Adler, Seren Morris, James Walker, Michael Edison Hayden, Dory Jackson, James Tennent, Naveed Jamali, Paul Bond, Jeffery Martin, Khaleda Rahman, Scott A. Schoettes, Zoë Schlanger, Christopher Groux, Emily Laber-Warren, Aila Slisco, Emily Czachor, Jeff Stein, William M. Arkin, Daniel Villarreal, Jacob Jarvis, Nigel Farage, Bryan Kirk, Eddy Rodriguez, Emma Nolan, Linley Sanders, Basit Mahmood, Jocelyn Grzeszczak, Newt Gingrich, Claire Christensen, Lisa Miller, Ana De Liz, Katherine Fung, Darragh Roche, Soo Kim, Aatif Sulleyman See less.

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