Daily Beast media bias rating is Left.

As of August 2018, 3,614 AllSides readers agree that The Daily Beast has a Left media bias

AllSides previously rated The Daily Beast as having a Center media bias; we moved the Daily Beast's media bias to Left in January 2018. 

Although The Daily Beast maintains that they are “Independent,” their reporting has grown increasingly partisan. During the 2016 presidential election, AllSides started to note the shift, but waited to see if it was just a momentary phase. However, a year after the election of President Trump, the Daily Beast's articles are still heavily biased.

The results of a May 2017 AllSides blind bias survey placed The Daily Beast's media bias as Far Left. We followed up on these results by conducting an Editorial Review. Our team found that the media bias of The Daily Beast's articles, headlines and images all fall under the Far Left rating.

It’s unexpected to see a source's media bias jump so far in one update and in such a short period — this marks the first time this has happened with any of our media bias ratings.

More Perspectives on The Daily Beast's Media Bias

Former editor-in-chief John Avlon described The Daily Beast's editorial approach in a February 2015 interview: "We seek out scoops, scandals, and stories about secret worlds; we love confronting bullies, bigots, and hypocrites." (Source: Wikipedia) In an April 2018 interview, Avlon described the publication's political stance as "nonpartisan but not neutral ... what that means is we’re going to hit both sides where appropriate, but we're not going for mythic moral equivalence on every issue."

In November 2016, Avlon published an editorial, "How The Daily Beast Will Stand Up to President Donald Trump." 

"We were earlyprincipled, and unapologetic opponents of Donald Trump’s divisive and demagogic campaign," Avlon wrote. "But if he is our next president, we will not question his legitimacy or hope he fails. Instead, we will count ourselves members of the loyal opposition—loyal to the United States of America and opposed to the policies proposed by the president-elect during his campaign. And we will reflect on what has led so many of our fellow Americans to embrace such a messenger."

On July 18, 2018, Alex Griswold, reporter and sports editor at the Washington Free Beacon, tweeted a screenshot of a Daily Beast advertisement that appeared to refer to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. It read, "With a Supreme Court nomination that could upend decades of progress in civil rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and more, you need a news site that's on your side. Join The Daily Beast's membership program to support our journalism." Right-leaning website The Daily Caller  reported on the advertisement and wrote that "the ad clearly betrays the site’s liberal bias."

About The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast is an American news reporting and opinion website founded and published by Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker as well as the short-lived Talk Magazine. The Daily Beast was launched on October 6, 2008, and is owned by IAC. Edward Felsenthal, a former Wall Street Journal editor, is the site's executive editor, and Stephen Colvin is its president. The name of the site was taken from a fictional newspaper in Evelyn Waugh's novel Scoop. On November 12, 2010, The Daily Beast and Newsweek announced a merger deal, creating a combined company, The Newsweek Daily Beast Company. Source: Wikipedia 

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