AllSides started in 2012, co-founded by John Gable (Lean Right bias) and Scott McDonald (Center bias). AllSides For Schools, a separate non-profit project of the Mediators Foundation, was co-founded in 2015 by Gable, McDonald and Joan Blades (Left bias). Since 2016, AllSides and its properties, including and its mobile app, have been owned and run by AllSides LLC. 

The original co-founders maintain majority ownership and control of AllSides LLC, with John Gable being the primary owner and investor.

Our Revenue Sources

The AllSides audience is uniquely balanced 29% left, 42% center, 29% right (the average of two surveys on our website). Online subscriptions and donations accounted for just over half, or 51%, of our revenue in the last year (as of September 30, 2021).

We also make money from a variety of news, bias, education, dialogue and technology services (26%). Paying clients as well as partners and funders (whether for-profit or non-profit) can drive a media company in one partisan direction or the other. To protect our own balance and independence, AllSides’ partners, clients and investors span the political spectrum.

Our Advertising

Advertising can be a major conflict of interest for media companies that seek to be balanced, factual, fair and credible since it rewards them for being sensationalist, biased and overly quick to publish. Advertising only accounts for a minor percentage (14%) of AllSides’s revenue, and we apply our own advertising standards to prevent conflicts with our credibility and mission.

The remaining revenue for AllSides last year (9%) came from miscellaneous sources including COVID stimulus funds.

Our Business Model

Unlike many news organizations, our business and funding model aligns with our social good mission. It encourages our team to prioritize quality, credibility and balance that supports our brand and leads to more subscriptions and service revenue rather than instantaneous gratification and sensationalism that drive advertising dollars.