How AllSides Rates Media Bias

The AllSides Media Bias Rating TM reflects the average judgment of the American people.

Bias is normal. If you've got a pulse, you've got a bias. But hidden bias misleads and divides us. That's why we have the AllSides Media Bias Rating.

Remember, there is no such thing as unbiased news. The best thing we can do is balance it. That is why media bias ratings are so important.

Bias ratings are a powerful tool. With it, we can easily look at a news story or issue from different perspectives just by looking at articles on the same topic but from sources that have different bias ratings. By understanding bias, we can understand topics and each other better.

How AllSides Calculates Bias

The AllSides patented bias detection and display technology drives arguably the world's most effective and up-to-date bias detection engine. It's powered by a combination of wisdom-of-the-crowd technology and the best statistical research and methodologies.

You drive the bias ratings.

What you do at AllSides affects our bias ratings. That includes how you rate your own bias and how you rate the bias of news sites on our Media Bias Ratings page, in our blind bias surveys, and throughout our site. All of this is added to our crowd data, which is statistically normalized to represent a balance of the American public.

Multiple methods for calculating media bias.

Our blind bias surveys, described in the graphic below, is our most robust method for rating the bias of the source. That is not the only method we use, and we usually don't need anything as robust as that. The source itself might openly share its own bias, 3rd party research may have already determined the bias, an independent review might be decisive, or a broad consensus could be sufficient. Take a look at the multiple methods we use to measure bias. AllSides bias rating - how it works

Our bias detection engine gets smarter as time goes on.

We are constantly evolving the bias engine. And, the more you participate, the better our ratings will be and the more sources we can rate.

We also ask you to rate your own bias.

We're continuing to improve ways to help you get the most accurate bias self-rating so you can participate on AllSides and in life with transparency and self-awareness. Make the world a better place by understanding and sharing your own bias openly!