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Data Journalist and Analytics, plus Media/Journalism Fellowship

Spring 2019


  • Training or experience in research, surveys, web analytics, and basic statistics, including common tools.
  • Strong online research skills.
  • Technology and math/statistics skills.

Job Description

Seeking a numbers oriented journalist and analyst for a full time position and, during the first year, participation in a national Media and Journalism Fellowship program.

As a data journalist, you will leverage some of AllSides patented and proprietary technology and methods to uncover different perspectives, reveal media bias, and discover actual interests of Americans (which sometimes do not align with popular media coverage). Much of the work will be “evergreen” on issues rather than purely on the latest sensation or news.

As a data analyst, you will use tools like Google Analytics, AdSense, Hootsuite, affiliate programs, surveys and other tools to track web and social media traffic, identify user demographics, and generate ad revenue. Using our patented media bias ratings system and our platform, will analyze and update the media bias ratings of news media sources and writers.

Much of this and other data research will lead to original reporting about media bias, media coverage from the left, center and right, coverage and data on specific topics, and more. Some examples of this include the AllSides Media Bias Ratings, updates to those ratings, and a special report we did on Google News Bias analysis that was covered not only at AllSides but by media nationally including the USA Today.

During the first year, you will also participate in a Media and Journalism Fellowship program that offers media and creative professionals the opportunity to refine their skills and accelerate their careers. It includes two summits (participants fly to DC for the first one, another location TBD for the other) plus online webinars and skills training (½ day, 1x week). The program is offered by the Charles Koch Institute and led by Tim McCaughan, former senior producer for the White House and Political Units at CNN. At the program’s conclusion, participants will have developed a deeper understanding of their roles as media and journalism professionals and their responsibilities as members of the free press.

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About AllSides

AllSides is a media technology company that elevates the quality of news media, online information and human relationships (thereby strengthening democracy) by freeing people from filter bubbles that ultimately mislead, deceive and divide our people. We provide news, issues, balanced search and civil conversations at,, and through partners and clients. Core to our approach is numbers-driven analyses and journalism to better understand what is happening in media, online and with important issues.

AllSides continues to evolve how we do things, how we choose the articles to share. Some of this research and work may lead to changes in how AllSides best chooses and uncovers news.