NPR (Online News) media bias rating is Lean Left.

NPR's media bias rating is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

The bias of NPR online news is Lean Left

Important Note: This media bias rating is only for NPR's online, written news content, NOT NPR radio. AllSides also rates NPR's fact-checking section and opinion/editorial content separately.

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NPR Moved to Lean Left Following Feb. 2022 Blind Bias Survey

Respondents across the political spectrum on average rated NPR (Online News) as Lean Left in a Feb. 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey

This differed from AllSides' rating of Center for NPR at the time. The Blind Survey results triggered an independent review, and AllSides subsequently moved NPR's rating to Lean Left.

On a scale of -9 to +9, with 0 representing Center, -9 representing farthest Left and +9 representing farthest Right, respondents to the survey on average rated NPR as -2.77, putting it in the Lean Left category, and close to Left. The middle 50% of responses lied between -5.03 (Left) and -0.71 (Lean Left).

When normalized, 71% of respondents rated NPR as left of center and 9% rated NPR as right of center.

A total of 600 people rated NPR's bias. Respondents self-rated their own bias as Left, Lean Left, Center, Lean Right, and Right. When breaking down by respondent bias, on average, respondents who self-reported as having a bias of Left, Lean Left, or Right rated NPR as Lean Left. Respondents in the Center and Lean Right, on average, rated the outlet as Left.

Democrats and Republicans, on average, rated NPR (Online News) as Lean Left, while Independents rated NPR as Left.

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Past AllSides Media Bias Rating of NPR Online News

AllSides rated NPR Online News as Center prior to Feb. 2022. 

Sept. 2021 Editorial Review: NPR Online Rated Center, Close to Lean Left

NPR online news is a source that AllSides struggled to rate — its content continually appeared to be on the border of Center and Lean Left. We even discussed if we should create a Center-Left category for sources like this. Regardless, the AllSides team, which contains people across the political spectrum, opted to keep NPR Center during an Oct. 2021 Editorial Review. This was largely unanimous; the only dissenting opinion was from an editor with a Lean Right bias, who argued they ought to be moved to Lean Left.

The team largely agreed that NPR has a slight left-wing story choice and occasional leftward slant in word choice. Yet many articles were written very straightforward, without much spin, sensationalism, or partisan slant. Right-wing perspectives were often missing, but left-wing views weren't necessarily strongly highlighted either. It did betray a slight left lean on very controversial topics. We agreed the outlet was best thought of as Center-Left rather than a perfect Center.

NPR never published content that we would consider on the right, but the team found much of its content was not slanted one way or the other. Much of NPR's slight left-wing bias showed in what it did not include — stories of interest to conservatives, as well as perspectives on the right, were largely missing, even if the content it did publish was not as overtly left-wing as other liberal media outlets. Its writing was often largely down the middle, and it often avoided partisan angles on stories on highly politicized or contentious topics.

Here are some things our team noted from NPR on the day of review (Sept. 30, 2021), with review looking at content going back 6 months:

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NPR Online Content Rated Center, Close to Lean Left, in Feb. 2020 Blind Bias Survey

A February 2020 AllSides Blind Bias Survey found that NPR online news content maintained a Center bias, though barely, and close to Lean Left. During a Blind Bias Survey, people from all sides of the political spectrum and a diverse array of ages and geographic locations rate the bias of content from a media outlet blindly, meaning all identifying branding and information is removed.

Our February 2020 survey found that on average, people who identified themselves as being Left, Lean Left or Center viewed NPR online news content as as Center. Those who identified themselves as Lean Right and Right rated NPR online news as on the border of Center and Lean Left. The overall average response of all groups was Center, though close to the border line with Lean Left. After assessing the results of the Blind Bias Survey, AllSides determined that Center was still the best bias rating for NPR online news content only.

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NPR Bias Incidents: June 2020 to Oct. 2020

In June 2020, AllSides documented a particular example of an NPR story that showed left bias and fake news, which NPR later corrected. In Oct. 2020, NPR wrote on Twitter that it would not report on The New York Post's Hunter Biden story, which suggested Hunter Biden leveraged his connection to his father, Joe Biden (former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate) to increase his pay from Burisma, a Ukrainian energy holdings company. NPR said they would not cover the story because "we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories."

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August 2019 Editorial Review: NPR News Bias Rated Center, Close to Lean Left

Due to ongoing community feedback from users concerned NPR deserves a Lean Left bias rating, the multipartisan team at AllSides conducted an Editorial Review of NPR online news on August 28, 2019. We determined that NPR online news maintained a Center bias, while there was some indication that some of its pieces Leaned Left. While some pieces may have had a slight Lean Left bent, it was not frequent enough to warrant changing the NPR online news rating to Lean Left.

While AllSides believed NPR may be on the cusp of a Lean Left rating, we also noted its bias was not as overt as other media outlets AllSides rated as Lean Left, such as The New York Times or The Washington Post. AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ are not determined relative to other outlets, but a small amount of consideration is given to the rest of the media landscape, particularly when assessing issues such as bias by omission — which stories an outlet is choosing to cover or not to cover.

Overall, the AllSides team agreed that NPR's online headlines did not insert bias and largely present the facts. NPR online news did not employ sensationalism or overt bias in either direction, and its reporting was mostly in a factual, objective style, not an interpretive style. Some team members noted NPR did not always choose to highlight good-faith conservative viewpoints, choosing to omit nuanced criticism and comments by those on the right.

In alignment with past Editorial Reviews, such as the review AllSides conducted in Feb. 2019 (details below), the team found NPR online news did not focus coverage on hot-button topics favored by either side. For example, while many right media outlets frequently focus on abortion, the Second Amendment, and free speech, and left-wing media outlets focus on healthcare, economic inequality, and racism, NPR online news did not favor or even routinely cover such controversial issues at the time of review. NPR online news coverage focused more on congressional and representative politics, elections, and world news.

AllSides frequently received feedback about the NPR online news media bias rating being Center. We believed most of this feedback was due to confusion from folks who thought we were rating NPR radio content, but we vowed to continue to conduct research on this outlet.

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Feb. 2019 Editorial Review: NPR Rated Center Bias, Close to Lean Left

After releasing version 1 of the AllSides Media Bias Chart™, we received a lot of feedback from people who disagreed that NPR should be rated Center (though the feedback could have been people who mistakenly thought we were rating NPR's radio content). On February 19, 2019, our team conducted an Editorial Review of NPR online news. We determined that NPR online news maintained a Center media bias rating. There was perhaps a very slight left lean in NPR online news coverage overall.

The AllSides team, made up of people from all over the political bias spectrum, unanimously determined that NPR online news maintained a Center media bias. At the time, we found NPR online news did not predictably show coverage favoring left or right perspectives, and generally reported in a way that fairly showcased the perspectives of both the Left and the Right. NPR online news did not use emotionally charged or polarizing language, and maintained a relatively fair representation of issues. We found its reporting to be fact-based and not leaning left or right.

Our team noted that NPR did not give lots of coverage to current hot-button issues frequently seen in coverage on the Right — such as free speech, abortion, or the Second Amendment — and in that same vein, did not give lots of coverage to hot-button issues often covered by the Left — economic inequality, climate change, or social justice initiatives. Instead, it seemed to cover issues that were of equal concern to both sides, such as healthcare, immigration, and representative politics, such as Congress and election coverage.

Our team noted that NPR did a good job of ensuring Opinion pieces were not interspersed with News pieces.

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Dec. 2017: Editorial Review and Blind Bias Survey; AllSides Created Separate Media Bias Ratings for NPR and NPR Editorial/Opinion

The AllSides NPR online news media bias rating had historically been Center, but data collected in surveys leading up to Dec. 2017 showed that NPR may slowly be inching farther Left. Because AllSides users had also expressed this belief through voting, AllSides decided to take a closer look.

In Dec. 2017, AllSides engaged in two reviews for NPR (learn more about how AllSides rates media bias). The first, a Blind Bias Survey, returned a Lean Left bias rating. Two previous blind surveys had resulted in Center ratings for NPR's online news media bias both times, though slightly towards Lean Left.

We followed up with an Editorial Review, in which the AllSides team looked at a composite of past research, media bias ratings and data, while also looking at NPR's full news coverage of that day. Considering that recent data had shown a slight move towards Lean Left, we examined both hard news pieces and op-eds (opinions pieces and editorials).

AllSides found that NPR News maintained a Center media bias, as it consistently showcased multiple sides of each story and refrained from biased language and images in its news articles. Its editorials, however, were slightly biased towards the Left.

With this in mind, AllSides separated NPR into two source pages: we created a new, separate page for NPR Opinion/Editorial. This bias rating applied to all online op-eds, analysis and fact checking content. The page you are currently viewing, NPR Online News, represented a media bias rating for NPR's online news content only.

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AllSides Media Bias Ratings for NPR Prior to 2017

A 2005 UCLA study rated NPR’s Morning Edition (not based on the news section of the website) as having a Lean Left media bias, while the AllSides Media Bias Rating™ (based on the news section of the website) for NPR remained Center. A majority of over 5,000 community members agreed with the Center rating, but in a follow-up survey of 118 members who disagreed, NPR received an average bias score of 72.5, well within the range of a Lean Left media bias. An October 2013 AllSides Blind Survey rated NPR as Center by a narrow margin.

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About NPR's Audience

A 2014 Pew Research study, "Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum," found that "the clear majority of [NPR's] audience (67%) is left-of-center, and it is a particularly popular source for consistent liberals, who make up 41% of its audience (compared with 16% of all respondents)." It's important to note that Pew's assessment of NPR's audience may have included those who also listen to its radio content and are not just consumers of its online news. 

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About NPR

NPR is a multimedia news organization and radio program producer that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 950 public radio stations in the United States. Its mission is to work with member stations to create a more informed public, one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures. NPR's flagships are two drive time news broadcasts, Morning Edition and the afternoon All Things Considered; both are carried by most NPR member stations, and are two of the most popular radio programs in the country.

NPR aims to be independent by generating revenue from fees it charges its member stations, as well as grants from foundations, contributions and sponsorships.

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Who Owns and Funds NPR

Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings. While it's true ownership and financial interests can affect what goes to print, our bias ratings are determined by assessing the bias of content only. We provide financial and ownership information as an FYI to our readers.

National Public Radio is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization. NPR relies upon corporate sponsorships, sustaining members and station and fees for revenue. John Lansing is the President and CEO of NPR.

Financing and ownership information last updated February 8, 2020. If you think thisis outdated, email us.

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Authors who have written for NPR (Online News)

Shannon Van, Vanessa Romo, Nathan Rott, Bill Chappell, Hanif Abdurraqib, Jacob Pinter, Chris Hagan , and 873 more. See full list. Chris Hagan, Carrie Johnson, Alison Kodjak, FRAFrancesca Paris, Sasha Ingber, Rob Stein, Tom Gjelten, Miles Parks, Laura Sydell, Alina Selyuk, Rebecca Hersher, Geoff Brumfiel, Tamara Keith, Dalia Mortada, Joe Nick Patoski, Nell Greenfieldboyce, Nina Totenberg, David Folkenflik, Philip Ewing, Jessica Taylor, Jeff Brady, Joel Rose, Laurel Wamsley, Rebecca Ellis, Brian Naylor, Tim Mak, Dan Mihalopoulos, Laura Pellicer, Dave DeWitt, Mark Bowden, Peter Overby, Hansi Lo Wang, Danny Goldberg, Robert A. Caro, James Doubek, Merrit Kennedy, Jonathan Lambert, Amanda Kolson Hurley, Nancy Isenberg, Dana Farrington, Matthew S. 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Kelly, Laney Ruckstuhl, Ryan Poppe, Andrew Blum, Joe Neel, Amita Kelly, Jenny Gathright, Clare Lombardo, Julie McCarthy, Mark Stryker, Ryan Lucas, Steve Inskeep, Alina Selyukh, Deirdre Walsh, James Comey, Pam Fessler, Frank Langfitt, Sarah McCammon, Michelle Andrews, Colin Dwyer, Brian Mann, Nick Castele, Emily Feng, Bob Woodward, Jan Swafford, Ayesha Rascoe, Danielle Kurtzleben, Alexander Tuerk, Brad Smith, David Welna, Alex Ross, Matthew Desmond, Hannah Allam, Debbie Elliott, Brandon Carter, @NinaTotenberg, Jim Mattis, Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Isabel Quintero, Mark Katkov, Carrie Fisher, Leila Fadel, Anna King, Bruce Springsteen, Sharon Weinberger, Anthony Christian Ocampo, Tim McDonnell, Stanley Crouch, Doreen McCallister, Franco Ordonez, Karen Grigsby Bates, Lena Dunham, Emma Bowman, Michele Kelemen, Paolo Zialcita, Adrian Florido, Andrew Flanagan, Meg Anderson, Guy M. 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