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When was the last time you talked about politics with someone on the other side?


About AllSides Talks

AllSides Talks brings people together for political dialogue. We facilitate conversation events — hosted by us and other organizations across the country — so you can watch and participate in conversations among political opposites for better understanding across divides.

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How It Works:

1. Answer questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself by answering the registration questions.

2. Join the event.

Follow the link in your email to join the virtual event, hosted on Kazm.

3. Participate in the Livestream

You’ll be introduced to a solutions-focused community of organizations and individuals working to bridge divides, and get some guidance for having a great conversation.

4. Have a conversation.

You’ll enter a virtual breakout room with a partner or small group of people who answered some of the registration questions differently from you. We will provide tools, including a conversation guide, to help make it a great experience.

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Join the Conversation

There are no AllSides Talks events scheduled at this time.

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National Week of Conversation

April 24th – 30th, 2022

America Talks was the kickoff event for the National Week of Conversation!

During National Week of Conversation, you can choose from over 100 events with Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs who want to come together to create solutions

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What is America Talks?

Watch the video

In April 2022, thousands of Americans will match with those who have different backgrounds and beliefs from all corners of the country to connect face-to-face on video. Each conversation will provide a repairing stitch to America’s frayed social fabric, as participants shift perspective from “us versus them” to “you and me.”

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