AllSides Talks

When was the last time you talked about politics with someone on the other side? AllSides Talks brings people together for political dialogue.

AllSides Talks provides conversation events — hosted by us and other organizations across the country — so you can watch and participate in conversations among political opposites for better understanding across divides.

Interested in hosting or sponsoring an AllSides Talks event? Try it for individuals, nonprofits, companies, schools or other organizations. Contact us.

Join the Conversation

On Wednesday, August 11th, 2021, Americans from the left and right will meet for one-on-one conversations to discuss trust in our society. To join, answer the following:

Do you trust mainstream media outlets to portray the news accurately?

Yes No

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How AllSides Talks Works:

1. Answer questions.

Give your opinion on issues facing America right now.

2. Join the event.

Follow the link in your email to join the virtual event.

3. Get matched with your political "other."

During the event, you will be automatically matched with someone who answered the questions differently than you.

4. Have a conversation.

You and your match will enter a video call during the event. We will provide tools to help make it a great conversation and experience.

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