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The AllSides mobile app is the only news app you'll ever need. Get news from The New York Times, Fox News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Daily Caller, and hundreds more, all in one place. Instantly see the best news coverage from the left, center, and right.

Your favorite AllSides features, like Headline Roundups and Media Bias Ratings, optimized for your phone. Compare headlines side-by-side so you can get the full story. It's the best and fastest way to avoid being misled.

AllSides app version 2.0 features:

  • Balanced News. Get concise summaries of top stories and coverage from the left, center, and right, so you can see diverse perspectives, spot media bias, and think for yourself.
  • Media Bias Ratings. 800+ media bias ratings reveal the political leanings of any outlet.
  • Topics and Issues. Quickly find news and information on 100+ different topics.
  • Perspectives Blog. Media Bias Alerts, commentary and analysis to help you explore media literacy, political polarization, bias, filter bubbles, and more.
  • Balanced Search. Avoid search engine bias — get left, center and right perspectives automatically on any topic or issue.
  • Discover Your Bias. Learn whether your beliefs put you in the political left, right or center.
  • Discuss and Debate. Join civil dialogue events and meet your political "other."

Third-Party Apps Using AllSides Media Bias Ratings

In addition to the AllSides mobile app, a number of app and extension providers have incorporated AllSides into their products. Below are some we recommend. Send us an email if you spot another app using our services.

24U Open-Source "Help Ukraine" Script

Our Russia-Ukraine news feed has been converted into an open-source script that anyone can add to their website.

This was done by our friends at 24USoftware with the explicit objective of getting news to the Russian people and past the Russian government’s news "blockade". If their website is blocked by the Russian government, it will display our balanced Ukraine news feed instead. The feed is available in both English and Ukrainian.

View an example of how our open-source script of the balanced Russia-Ukraine news feed displays on a blocked website, and read a write-up of the project here.

Help Ukraine Script

Capitol Call Mobile App

Capitol Call is a mobile app that allows you to customize a news feed using sources rated by AllSides to help you maintain a balanced news diet. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Capitol Call Mobile App

Bias Finder Browser Extension

Bias Finder is a browser extension that will immediately show you a source's AllSides Media Bias Rating when you are visiting its webpage. If you’re visiting a news site, you can check Bias Finder to see how AllSides has rated it immediately.

Bias Finder is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Bias Finder Browser Extension


NewsElect allows you to pair a candidate in the 2020 election with a specific issue. It uses AllSides Media Bias Ratings to show articles of different political leanings to give you a balanced sense of that candidate's position on that issue. It also allows you to compare current articles to past articles to see how candidates' positions may have changed.

Read about this app's creation on Medium: A Political Science Student Built An Election App from Scratch

NewsElect iOS App

Media Bubbles

Media Bubbles allows you to search for recent news from outlets across the spectrum, outlets you agree with ("Stay in my Bubble"), outlets you disagree with ("Burst my Bubble"), or specific outlets of your choosing. Read more about Media Bubbles here.

Media Bubbles