What do Americans want from their news?

A pie chart with 76% filled in green and another pie chart with 9% filled in red.

want balanced, unbiased news

don't see much bias

Seventy-six percent of Americans want balanced news, but they aren’t getting it. Only 9% of Americans - an all-time low - do not see much political bias in the news. Meanwhile, the U.S. consistently ranks last, or close to last, in news trust among 46 countries. No wonder only 32% say they trust the news most of the time.

Learn how audiences see your news reporting and bias.

Is your news trusted? Is it objective and balanced, or does it show a political bias? AllSides provides tools and systems to provide audience insight and support neutrality, objectivity and balance.

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AllSides Media Bias Audit™ and AllSides Balance Certification™

An AllSides Media Bias Audit of your news content reveals whether audiences see political bias in your news reporting and provides actionable insights to help your news team output more balanced, trustworthy news.

AllSides Balance Certification proves your news product exemplifies trustworthy journalism, elevates brand integrity, and attracts a broader audience.

Certified Balanced Award

AllSides Media Bias Audit: Measure Audience Perceptions

During an AllSides Media Bias Audit, your news source’s content undergoes our patented and proprietary bias review system. Our methods reveal whether average Americans and a panel of experts perceive political bias in your news reporting. Methods include:

Blind Bias Survey

Americans across the political spectrum review and rate bias in your news coverage and coverage from four of your competitors. We conceal the identity of the news outlets so respondents are not influenced by preconceived notions of a brand’s bias.

Example of Blind Bias Survey with a score of -1.38.
Editorial Review

A multipartisan panel of experts trained to spot bias reviews your news content for any signs of partisan bias, issues a bias rating, and gives recommendations.

Entire spectrum of the Media Bias Rating

AllSides has rated the bias of over 1,400 news sources using a patented and proprietary system that reveals the average judgment of all Americans, not just a panel of insiders. AllSides provides ongoing tools and consultation to help you improve newsroom output so you can reliably provide more balanced, trustworthy news. Bias audits are available for broadcast, video-based, and written-word reporting.

AllSides Balance Certification: Unlock the Benefits

AllSides Balance Certification is awarded to exemplary news media outlets that issue news reporting that is substantially free from partisan political bias or equally balances left, center, and right perspectives. Media outlets qualify for AllSides Balance Certification when they have undergone an AllSides Media Bias Audit and meet our criteria for balanced and/or unbiased news.

News outlets that achieve AllSides Balance Certification may use the certification in their marketing materials, information and promotions, unlocking these benefits:

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Journalist and Editor Tools

Practically speaking, day after day, how can journalists provide neutral, objective, fairly balanced news coverage and analysis? Even with the best intentions, we all are biased and vulnerable to filter bubbles and one-sided information that can limit or skew our work.

AllSides has a variety of unique tools that journalists can use every day, as well as systems and training that media companies and editors can utilize or customize for their own needs.

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