AllSides Technologies Inc. strengthens our democratic society with balanced news, media bias ratings, diverse perspectives, and real conversation.

We expose people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum so they can better understand the world — and each other. We serve news consumers here at AllSides™ and provide patented technologies, tools and services to media companies, nonprofits, schools, businesses and other organizations at

The AllSides Mission

Free people from filter bubbles so they can better understand the world — and each other.

How We Do It

Balanced News


News from the Left

News from the Center

News from the Right

Don’t be fooled by media bias and fake news. We display the day’s top news stories from the Left, Center and Right of the political spectrum — side-by-side so you can see the full picture. Read our editorial philosophy.

Media Bias Ratings

We provide Media Bias Ratings for over 1,400 media outlets and writers, so you can easily identify different perspectives. Learn how AllSides rates media bias, or learn about the different types of media bias.

Balanced Issues, Diverse Perspectives.

Understand how the Left, Right and Center think differently about various issues. Browse our Red Blue Translator to reveal differences in perspectives on hot-button words, like climate change, racism and more. Go even deeper with our balanced Topics and Blog.

Red Blue Translator

Civil Dialogue

Our Mismatch program and civil dialogue partnerships provide opportunities for respectful conversations with people across divides. Listen, be heard, and converse with your political “other."

"The Internet is Broken": Why We Need AllSides

The Reunited States

CEO and Co-Founder John Gable explains the inspiration behind AllSides.

Schools Program

AllSides for Schools prepares students for thoughtful participation in democracy — and in life. We help students from middle school through college (and beyond) learn news literacy, civil dialogue and life skills.

Media Technology

AllSides automatically delivers multiple perspectives on any topic to reveal media bias, engage users, and connect people for civil conversations. We provide (and often customize) our patented and proprietary technology, platforms, services and content to media companies, schools, research institutions, nonprofits and more.

These services and technologies are also provided to end users at, and

If you would like to add the AllSides News Feed to your website, check out our Syndication page. If you are interested in using our technology for another purpose, please contact us.

Filter Bubbles Create Polarization. AllSides Fixes This.

TED Talk: Free Yourself From Filter Bubbles

Joan Blades and John Gable, co-founders of AllSides for Schools, describe the dangers of filter bubbles and demonstrate how to bridge the divide between the Left and Right.

Filter bubbles occur when people are only exposed to news, ideas, and people that confirm their existing beliefs. This is how the majority of our online technologies work, from social media to search engines.

When people see only one side, it creates a highly polarized political and social environment, fueling extremism and hatred of “The Other Side.”

AllSides fights filter bubbles and polarization by helping you to gain a broader view. We believe diversity in thought and relationships heals divides. Less polarization allows us to appreciate others and engage in productive problem solving — and ultimately, heal our democracy.

Learn more about filter bubbles and how AllSides is ending polarization.

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Our Biases and Funding

The AllSides team includes people from every side of the political aisle and in between. So far, no food fights have erupted. We're also transparent about our ownership, finances, biases and partners.

AllSides achieved GOLD recognition on Pepperdine Graziadio Business School's Most Fundable Companies® List and was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.