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The bias meter value for Washington Free Beacon is 4.00. -6 is the furthest "Left" value and 6 is the furthest "Right" value.
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  • Editorial Review: Aug 2022
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Washington Free Beacon
Washington Free Beacon
Bias Rating Right
Type News Media
Region National
Owner Paul Singer
Established 2012
Website freebeacon.com
Twitter @FreeBeacon
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What a Right Bias Rating Means

The source displays media bias in ways that strongly align with conservative, traditional, or right-wing thought and/or policy agendas. A Right rating is our most conservative rating on the political spectrum.

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About Washington Free Beacon's Bias Rating

Washington Free Beacon is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

Washington Free Beacon is a news media source with an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ of Right.

What a "Right" Rating Means

Sources with an AllSides Media Bias Rating of Right display media bias in ways that strongly align with conservative, traditional, or right-wing thought and/or policy agendas. A Right bias is the most conservative rating on the political spectrum.

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Bias Reviews

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Washington Free Beacon Rated Right in Aug. 2022 Small Group Editorial Review

An August 2022 Small Group Editorial Review by AllSides panelists on the left, center, and right returned a Right rating for the Washington Free Beacon. The panel found some Right bias indicators in the Washington Free Beacon, such as sensationalism, spin, and stories framing President Joe Biden and Democrats negatively.

AllSides panelists noted several instances of slant, with headlines reading, “Biden Promised To Restore ‘Respected Leadership on the World Stage.’ Swing Voters Say He’s Done the Opposite,"  and, “Tale of Two Admins: Trump Admin Paying Political Consultants Raised ‘Ethical Questions,’ But No Big Deal For Biden.” Much of the news coverage employed negativity bias in its characterization of the Biden administration’s policies in relation to topics like inflation and energy. One section of their news content is labeled “Democrats” and features articles with headlines such as, “Anti-Israel Dems Can’t Stop Blaming Their Primary Losses on the Jews.” 

A reviewer on the right noted the use of subjective qualifying adjectives and spin in headlines: “Far-Left Commentator Slurs Black Republican Senate Candidate” and “Iran Boasts It’s ‘One Step Away’ From Nuclear Weapon To ‘Turn New York Into Ruins and Hell.’” One article was critical of “diversity, equity and inclusion” efforts of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, saying such efforts “raise obvious concerns” such as “hypersensitivity, self-censorship, and language policing.” 

The Washington Free Beacon named Steve Simon, CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association, their 2021 Man of the Year for “showing the world how easy it is to treat genocidal communists with the contempt they deserve.”

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Community Feedback

Feedback does not determine ratings, but may trigger deeper review.

As of April 2024, people have voted on the AllSides Media Bias Rating for Washington Free Beacon. On average, those who disagree with our rating think this source has a Lean Right bias.

Confidence Level

Confidence is determined by how many reviews have been applied and consistency of data.

As of April 2024, AllSides has high confidence in our Right rating for Washington Free Beacon. Two or more bias reviews have affirmed this rating or the source is transparent about bias.

Additional Information

According to the Washington Free Beacon’s About page,

The Washington Free Beacon is a privately owned, for-profit online newspaper that began publication on February 7, 2012. Dedicated to uncovering the stories that the powers that be hope will never see the light of day, the Free Beacon produces in-depth investigative reporting on a wide range of issues, including public policy, government affairs, international security, and media. Whether it’s exposing cronyism, finding out just who is shaping our domestic and foreign policy and why, or highlighting the threats to American security and peace in a dangerous world, the Free Beacon is committed to serving the public interest by reporting news and information that is not being fully covered by other news organizations. [Retrieved by AllSides Aug. 5, 2022]

The Library of Congress describes the Washington Free Beacon as “an American politically conservative political journalism web site.” 

The site was founded by Michael Goldfarb, an outspoken conservative described as an “anti-liberal provocateur” by The New York Times


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Washington Free Beacon Ownership and Funding

Funding and ownership do not influence bias ratings. We rate the bias of content only.

Owner: Paul Singer

Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings™. Our bias ratings are determined by assessing ontent only. 

The Washington Free Beacon is financially backed by Paul Singer, a conservative American businessman and a participant in Republican politics.

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