National Review media bias rating is Right.

The National Review's media bias rating is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

The National Review has a Right bias. 

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The National Review Fact Check Section Also Shares Right Bias: July 2021 Editorial Review

The National Review’s fact check section, Forgotten Fact Checks, has a Right bias, according to a July 2021 Small Group Editorial Review by AllSides editors on the left, center, and right.  

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May 2021 Editorial Review: National Review Bias Remains Right

After the April/May 2021 Blind Bias Survey returned a Lean Right rating for National Review, AllSides conducted an Editorial Review. We opted to keep National Review rated Right.

The decision was largely unanimous, with one reviewer who has a Lean Right bias arguing NR should be rated Lean Right — citing its philosophy, which is a civic libertarian and constitutional/establishment conservative perspective, rather than a populist right perspective. We noted calls to end the War on Drugs and legalize marijuana, as well as an article arguing for a pluralistic society rather than an explicitly Christian state, titled "State Support Weakens Christianity." There are different kinds of right-wing political ideologies —National Review is not populist right, they are more neo-conservative, and their pieces largely reflect that perspective. The team noted NR was highly critical of President Donald Trump during his tenure as well, which differentiates them from others on the right. (Read about different types of ideological bias here.)

NR is transparent about its bias, calling itself a conservative publication. The team noted a consistent right-wing story choice, and headlines with perspectives such as “CDC's New Outdoor Mask Guidance is a Joke", "Democrats Continue to Mislead Americans about the Israel-Hamas Conflict," and, "Is Coke Rethinking Woke?"

Some team members with a Lean Left bias said they saw some sensationalism in headlines, as well as a pro-Israel bent. 

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April/May 2021 Blind Bias Survey: National Review Rated Lean Right

The results of our April/May 2021 Blind Bias Survey returned a Lean Right rating for National Review's bias.

On average, 1,093 people across the political spectrum rated National Review firmly Lean Right. People on the left and in the center all rated National Review as Lean Right on average; people on the right rated National Review between Center and Lean Right on average.

Pluralities across all bias groups rated National Review's bias as Lean Right; the second most common response among people on the left was Right, and the second most common response among people on the right was Center.

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Third Party Claims of Bias

Some on the left, such as a writer at The New Republic, have called The National Review the "bible of American conservatism."

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About The National Review

The National Review is a semi-monthly conservative magazine founded by author William F. Buckley, Jr. in 1955. Buckley started the magazine with the goal of making conservative ideas respectable at a time in which he believed “literate America [had] rejected conservatism in favor of radical social experimentation.” 

During the magazine’s early years, it aimed to fuse different schools of conservative thought in order to combat what were perceived as their common opponents. In addition to the magazine, free content is produced on the website National Review Online. The website features a digital version of the magazine, articles updated daily by National Review writers, and posts from several blogs including The Corner, Bench Memos and Phi Beta Cons. 

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Funding, Financing and Ownership

Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings. While it's true ownership and financial interests can affect what goes to print, our bias ratings are determined by assessing the bias of content only. We provide financial and ownership information as an FYI to our readers.

National Review is owned by The National Review Institute. National Review Institute was founded by William F. Buckley Jr. as a nonprofit in 1991. Rich Lowry is the current editor-in-chief of National Review.

Financing and ownership information last updated March 11, 2021 If you think this information is out of date or needs to be updated, please contact us.

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Authors who have written for National Review

John Mccormack, Skip To Content, Ghassan Adnan, Lucian A. Bebchuk

This list is provided by It is a beta feature and may not be 100% accurate.