National Review media bias rating is Right.

The National Review, a magazine which some have called the "bible of American conservatism," has a far right bias. One of the National Review’s core convictions is that centralized government should solely exist to protect citizens’ lives, liberty and property. Describing itself as libertarian, it believes all other activities of government tend to diminish freedom and hamper progress. The National Review was given an AllSides Bias Rating™ of far right, a rating with which a majority of community members agree.

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The National Review is a right-leaning, semi-monthly magazine founded by author William F. Buckley, Jr. in 1955. Buckley started the magazine with the goal of making conservative ideas respectable at a time in which he believed “literate America [had] rejected conservatism in favor of radical social experimentation.” During the magazine’s early years, it aimed to fuse different schools of conservative thought in order to combat what were perceived as their common opponents. In addition to the magazine, free content is produced on the website National Review Online. The website features a digital version of the magazine, articles updated daily by National Review writers, and posts from several blogs including The Corner, Bench Memos and Phi Beta Cons. 


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John Mccormack, Skip To Content, Ghassan Adnan

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