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AllSides Media Bias Rating™: Left
The bias meter value for Mother Jones is -4.00. -6 is the furthest "Left" value and 6 is the furthest "Right" value.
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How we determined this rating:

  • Independent Review
  • Community Feedback:   ratings
  • Blind Survey: Feb 2024
  • AllSides has low or initial confidence in this bias rating.

Unless otherwise noted, this bias rating refers only to online news coverage, not TV, print, or radio content.

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Mother Jones
Mother Jones
Bias Rating Left
Type News Media
Region National
Owner Foundation for National Progress
Established 1976
Twitter @MotherJones
Facebook motherjones
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What a Left Bias Rating Means

The source displays media bias in ways that strongly align with liberal, progressive, or left-wing thought and/or policy agendas. A Left rating is our most liberal rating on the political spectrum.

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About Mother Jones's Bias Rating

Mother Jones is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

Mother Jones is a news media source with an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ of Left.

What a "Left" Rating Means

Sources with an AllSides Media Bias Rating of Left display media bias in ways that strongly align with liberal, progressive, or left-wing thought and/or policy agendas. This is our most liberal rating on the political spectrum.

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Bias Reviews

We use multiple methods to analyze sources. Learn how we rate media bias.

Mother Jones Rated Left in Feb. 2024 BBS

Mother Jones’ AllSides Media Bias Rating™ was confirmed as Left in our Feb. 2024 Blind Bias Survey. 

Respondents who rated their own bias as Left, Center, Lean Right, or Right rated Mother Jones Left; respondents with a Lean Left bias rated Mother Jones as Lean Left. The average rating was Left, confirming AllSides’ existing bias rating for Mother Jones. 

A total of 820 people across the political spectrum took the survey including 100 respondents with a self-reported Left bias; 208 with a Lean Left bias; 235 with a Center bias; 222 with a Lean Right bias, and 55 with a Right bias.

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Community Feedback

Feedback does not determine ratings, but may trigger deeper review.

As of June 2024, people have voted on the AllSides Media Bias Rating for Mother Jones. On average, those who disagree with our rating think this source has a Lean Left bias.

As of April 2022, an overwhelming majority of AllSides users who voted — 86.77 percent — agreed with this media bias rating.

Confidence Level

Confidence is determined by how many reviews have been applied and consistency of data.

As of June 2024, AllSides has low or initial confidence in our Left rating for Mother Jones. If we perform more bias reviews and gather consistent data, this confidence level will increase.

Additional Information

Mother Jones is commonly considered progressive, so much so that they address the question explicitly on their FAQ page. In response to the question, "Mother Jones is often identified as “liberal.” Are you biased?" they respond that their "only bias is for the truth."

Mother Jones operates as both a magazine and a website. They offer news, commentary, and investigative reporting on a variety of topics such as politics, the environment, education, food, and culture. 

Mother Jones was started in 1976 and was named after Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, an early-20th-century labor organizer. It is published by the Foundation for National Progress, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Headquartered in San Francisco, Mother Jones also has bureaus in Washington, DC and New York City. Monika Bauerlein became the chief executive officer in 2015 after having served as a co-editor for many years. Clara Jeffery is the editor-in-chief of Mother Jones and Steven Katz is Mother Jones' publisher. Mother Jones was also the winner of the American Society of Magazine Editors’ 2017 Magazine of the Year Award. The stated mission of Mother Jones is to produce revelatory journalism that, in its power and reach, informs and inspires a more just and democratic world.

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Mother Jones Ownership and Funding

Funding and ownership do not influence bias ratings. We rate the bias of content only.

Owner: Foundation for National Progress

Mother Jones is published by The Foundation for National Progress. The Foundation for National Progress is a nonprofit that relies upon donations for support. Monika Bauerlein was named Mother Jones’ chief executive officer in 2015.

Financing and ownership information last updated February 22, 2021. If you think this information is out of date or needs to be updated, please contact us.

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