AllSides created the Red Blue Dictionary to reveal how people from across the political spectrum define, think or feel differently about the same term or issue. Today, we’re excited to announce that the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary will reach even more users through our new partnership with Credo Reference!

Have you ever had a political discussion where you realized you and your conversation partner were using entirely different definitions of a word? Maybe when you refer to "fake news," you are talking about purely fictional, made-up information — but when your friend refers to "fake news," they’re talking about manipulative, biased content.

Controversial terms — from "abortion" to “Zionism" — can shut down dialogue because they mean different things to different people. Until we fully understand what a term means to someone else, we can't effectively communicate. The AllSides Red Blue Dictionary was created by a cross-partisan group of dialogue experts. That means every single dictionary definition was a multi-partisan effort, incorporating opinions and ideas from people all across the political bias spectrum.

AllSides is excited to reach a broader audience through this partnership. Credo has active subscriptions at over 2,500 sites/campuses, earns about 250,000 unique users per month and 550,000 entry views per month.

Credo Reference is an information skills solutions provider that serves libraries worldwide. Credo builds platforms and instructional materials that connect learners, faculty and teachers, librarians and publishers. The AllSides Red Blue Dictionary will now be available on Academic Core, Credo's flagship product. In 2018, Academic Core won the Choice Outstanding Academic Title (OAT) award, which reflects the best in scholarly titles and brings the recognition of the academic library community.