IVN media bias rating is Center.

IVN, aka the Independent Voter Network, describes itself as "a platform for unfiltered political news and policy analysis from independent-minded authors." (Source: http://ivn.us/).

July 2018 update: After using and watching IVN for a over a year, we are moving our confidence level in its rating as "center" from "Initial or Low" to "Medium". IVN has consistently published articles that represent an independent mindset rather than a partisan left or right leaning.

IVN, like all media sources, does have its own biases, and in this case there appears to be a bias toward the value of an alternative to the Republican and Democratic Party "duopoly". That would suggest a bias rating of center since it is neither left or right.

If it is truly representative of independent voters, why doesn't AllSides have a high level of confidence in its center rating? As political experts will tell you, even though "Independent" is the fastest growing and in many areas the largest political affiliation, the voting patterns of people who rate themselves as independent are often partisan in nature. People registered independent generally fall into two camps: those that almost always vote for the Democrat and those that almost always vote for the Republican. In other words, despite their self-identification of being independent, their voting behavior often mirror either registered Republicans or Democrats.

In other words, even if you are "independent", you can still be "left" or "right" in your voting behavior and political biases. IVN for its part has earned its rating as center. Readers should recognize that "center" is not the same thing as neutral, and that IVN is not neutral in that it does often advocate for alternatives to the Democratic and Republican Party as well as reforms to change the status quo.