Julie Mastrine media bias rating is Lean Right.

Julie Mastrine is a writer and the Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings at AllSides. She has a Lean Right bias.

Julie has written pieces for AllSides such as, How to Spot 11 Types of Media Bias, Media Bias 101: How to Tell The Difference Between News, Analysis, and Opinion, Beyond Left v. Right: 14 Types of Ideological Bias, and Slanted: How Partisan Media Use Data to Draw Wildly Different Conclusions.

Julie also writes for Evie Magazine, a woman's publication. For Evie, she has written numerous pieces such as, Sexual Liberation May Be Making Men Less MasculineHow Dismantling Patriarchy Opens the Door to Big Government, Feminism's Biggest Lie Is That Women Don't Have Power, and The Real Price of "Low-Cost Sex".

Appearing on The Suzanne Venker show, Julie described how she believes in upholding traditional virtues; she warned against hookup culture and sexual liberation.

Julie's work has also been featured in USA Today (As America Falls Apart, We Need to Break Out of Our Social Media Bubbles), The Epoch Times (Why Americans Should Learn to Spot Media Bias), and The Federalist (‘Radicalized’ YouTuber Article Shows A New York Times Threatened By Conservative Competition).

After taking the AllSides Discover Your Bias test and Pew Research Center's Political Typology Quiz to measure her political leaning, she's been given an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ of Lean Right.

Julie has managed marketing efforts for a variety of organizations, including startups, universities, advocacy groups and nonprofits. After studying journalism and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations from Penn State University, she worked as a ghostwriter for tech entrepreneurs. Before joining AllSides, Julie was Senior Manager of Brand PR and Marketing for Care2.com, a left-wing advocacy website. Julie says she believes in "being a responsible member of the media who elevates truth and critical thinking."