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When Partisanship Goes Away (Or At Least Becomes Less Intense)

As we consider the current polarization and hyper-partisanship that has gripped our nation’s politics for the last several years, we have often asked each other what it would take to break out of this sclerotic gridlock that has stymied necessary progress on so many important matters.
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Why University Presidents Find it Hard to Punish Advocating Genocide − College Free Speech Codes are Both more and Less Protective Than the First Amendment

Campus codes at private colleges and universities seek to resolve the conflict between the right to speak freely and the educational mission of the institution. The ham-handed and over-legalistic responses by the three university presidents show how this attempt to balance speech and safet...
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When George W. Bush Is the Most Important Man in the World Again

Bush’s compassionate conservatism and interventionist globalism represent a vastly dissimilar brand of Republican orthodoxy than Trump’s immigrant-bashing and isolationism. It’s likely Bush still believes that growing threats from Russia, China and Iran can best be confronted with his and...
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