The Guardian media bias rating is Lean Left.

The Guardian is believed to have a lean left bias, in accordance with a features editor's assertion in 2004 that "it is no secret we are a centre-left newspaper." The Guardian was founded in 1821 to promote liberal interests during a turbulent time characterized by massive worker movements and growing anti-Corn Laws campaigns. It maintained its role as the voice of the left despite facing several financial hurdles over the years. By the 1970s and 1980s, a period of polarized politics in Great Britain, The Guardian’s opinion pages helped spawn the center-left SDP party. Meanwhile, its letters page was where the battle for the future direction of the Labour Party played out. When the Independent was launched in 1986, it solidified its position as a centrist British newspaper alongside The Guardian on the left and the Times and Telegraph on the right. A large majority of current readers vote for either the Labour or Liberal Democratic Parties, while the paper has traditionally endorsed one of those two parties during general elections. An AllSides Bias Rating™ of lean left seems to make sense given this information, and our community concurs, with a majority of more than 400 members agreeing with our rating for The Guardian.

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The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper founded in reaction to the closure of a radical workers’ newspaper in 1821. The paper publishes content on its UK online edition, as well as its two international web sites, Guardian Australia and Guardian US. The newspaper’s print edition has an average daily circulation of 189,000 copies, behind the Daily Telegraph and The Times, and ahead of The Independent. Its online edition was the fifth most widely read in the world as of October 2014, with over 42.6 million readers.

Sources: Wikipedia: The Guardian

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Bernie Sanders, Mark Sweney, Adam Vaughan, Paul Lewis, Michael Safi, Calla Wahlquist, Damian Carrington , and 249 more. See full list. Damian Carrington, Alex Hern, Charles Bramesco, Makini Brice, Ed Pilkington, Sarah Marsh, Dave Graham, Karen Mcveigh, Agence France-Presse, Erin Durkin, Mark Brown, Anthea Lacchia, Kim Willsher, Lisa O'carroll, Ben Jacobs, Stuart Clark, Oliver Laughland, Kari Paul, Michael Sainato, David Taylor, Jon Swaine, Kate Connolly, Tom Dart, Tom Perkins, Emily Holden, Tom Mccarthy, Julian Borger, David Smith, Phillip Inman, Sam Wolfson, Adrian Horton, Andrew Pulver, Tim Walker, Arwa Mahdawi, Alec Luhn, Martin Pengelly, Rory Carroll, Jason Wilson, Lois Beckett, Dominic Rushe, Jamiles Lartey, Jessica Glenza, Alissa Greenberg, Akshata Rao, Lauren Gambino, Tom Lutz, Richard Luscombe, Amy Walker, Ian Sample, Lisa Cox, Eric Lutz, Cassidy Randall, Joshua Leifer, Sam Levin, Sabrina Siddiqui, Rowena Mason, Samuel Stein, Adam Gabbatt, Jamie Doward, Ashley Boucher, Oliver Milman, Leyland Cecco, Lloyd Green, Carole Cadwalladr, Charles Kaiser, Dalya Alberge, Emma Graham, Amanda Holpuch, Daniel Boffey, Arthur Neslen, Josh Wood, Heather Stewart, Oscar Rickett, Gabrielle Canon, Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Peter Stone, Caroline Davies, Simon Murphy, Damien Gayle, Lily Kuo, Tom Phillips, Luke Harding, Liz Ford, Justin McCurry, Dan Collyns, Joshua Surtees, Edward Helmore, Matthew Weaver, Moira Donegan, Joanna Walters, Vivian Ho, Jim Waterson, Patrick Barkham, Angela Giuffrida, Owen Bowcott, Miranda Bryant, Bryan Mealer, Tim Jonze, Jasper Jolly, Luke O'Neil, Kate Aronoff, Ashifa Kassam, Fiona Harvey, Eve Barlow, Neil Richards, Jonathan Watts, Greta Thunberg, Richard Partington, Lauren Aratani, Stephanie Convery, Ben Smee, Sarah Martin, Jeremy Plester, Elizabeth Rush, Rowan Moore, Katharine Murphy, Lisa Martin, Dan Hernandez, Jillian Ambrose, Kate Lyons, Jon Henley, Greg Whitmore, Mohamad Bazzi, Angelique Chrisafis, Chris Fuhrmeister, Chris Mcgreal, Peter Walker, Eleanor Ainge, Amelia Gentleman, Sadiq Khan, Amy Gottlieb, First Dog, Steven Morris, Harriet Grant, Sarah Gilbert, Emine Saner, Charlie Gardner, Michael Mann, Stephen Buranyi, Ben Butler, Joan E Greve, Mattha Bus, Robin Mckie, Adam Morton, Paul Lester, Andrew Roth, Anna-Catherine Brigida, Severin Carrell, John Plunkett, Andrew Clements, Robert Macfarlane, Daniel Barenboim, Maev Kennedy, Jack Schofield, Will Hodgkinson, Simon Hattenstone, Laura Snapes, Benjamin Ryan, Lorenzo Tondo, Martin Chulov, Wendy García, Seth Jacobson, Nick Clegg, Geoffrey Kabaservice, Nadja Sayej, Philip Oltermann, James Newell, Jason Burke, Melissa Sweet, Sarah Butler, Tanya Aldred, Dom Phillips, Jess Cartner, Lorena Allam, Gary Fuller, Alex Turner, Scarlett Conlon, David Agren, Natalie Hanman, Kate Lamb, Nadia Khomami, Marina Hyde, Nicola Davis, Patrick Wintour, Jay Rayner, Josh Halliday, Aamna Mohdin, Ben Quinn, Miriam Elder, Michael Savage, Shaun Walker, Robert Shiller, Paul Farrell, Alex Moshakis, Catherine Shoard, Lauren Markham, Oliver Holmes, Sam Bain, Alison Flood, Elisabeth Braw, Simon Armitage, Jennifer Rankin, Elle Hunt, Mininnguaq Kleist, Peter Beaumont, Alan Travis, Esther Addley, Dorian Lynskey, Jill Treanor, Tom Silverstone, Julia Kollewe, Tom Lamont, Erin Hale, Miranda Sawyer, James Bullock, Matthew Taylor, Rhik Samadder, Khaled A Beydoun, Clarissa Sebag, Levi Pulkkinen, Lucy Ward, Bob Brown, Edwin Delgado, Andrew Sparrow, Steph Harmon, Lee Glendinning, Dylan B Jones, Jessica Elgot, Emma Brockes, Robert Booth, Justin Quirk, Ryan Gilbey, Jamie Grierson, Gloria Steinem, Helen Davidson, Oliver Burkeman, Ryan Felton, Decca Aitkenhead, Sam Jones, Sarah Boseley, Abené Clayton, Julia Carrie, Ben Beaumont, Lanre Bakare, Harriet Sherwood, Richard Parkin, Daniel Kalder, Guardian Readers, Ian Jack, Haroon Siddique See less.

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