HotAir media bias rating is Lean Right.

Hot Air is a U.S. website providing news and commentary from a fiscally conservative and socially centrist point of view. It is written by Ed Morrissey, Erika Johnsen, Mary Katharine Ham and the pseudonymous Allahpundit and Jazz Shaw.

Hot Air was founded by Michelle Malkin, a conservative author and blogger, in 2006. Although Malkin served as the publisher and CEO of Hot Air, she exercised little editorial control over the site's various commentators. Morrissey, a Roman Catholic, is the more socially conservative (though gay-friendly) of the two current bloggers, whereas Allahpundit is more libertarian and an atheist. Hot Air also carries posts from a selection of conservative and libertarian bloggers in its "Green Room." In February 2010, Salem Communications purchased Hot Air.

Source: Wikipedia

Authors who have written for HotAir

@EdMorrissey, Karen Townsend, John Sexton, Allahpundit, Jazz Shaw, Ed Morrissey, Taylor Millard , and 3 more. See full list. Taylor Millard, Andrew Malcolm, Dustin Siggins, Alec Sears See less.

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