Daily Mail media bias rating is Right.

The Daily Mail bias rating is Right. As of May 2017, a slight majority of AllSides users who voted on this rating agreed. Of those who disagreed, the average rating was on the cusp between a Lean Right and Right bias rating. As of right now, there is not sufficient evidence to change the Right bias rating. 

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The Daily Mail is a British daily tabloid newspaper with much of its coverage about entertainment and pop news, and politically is a traditional supporter of Conservatives. It also considers BBC News to have a left bias. It is owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust and is published in London. It was first published in 1896 by the Harmsworth brothers, Alfred and Harold. It is the United Kingdom's second-largest selling daily newspaper after The Sun. In its founding, the Daily Mail was aimed at the literate lower-middle class and had a high volume of advertising revenue. Over time, it has produced many notable stories, but has also come under fire for a variety of controversies, including accusations of homophobia, racism, and sexism.



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John Gray, Florida, Gerard Couzens, Kyle Stevens, Leigh McManus, Tim Stickings, Adry Torres , and 59 more. See full list. Adry Torres, Milly Vincent, Piers Morgan, Rita Sobot, Peter Lloyd, Joe Pinkstone, Ian Randall, Ross Ibbetson, Harry Howard, Dailymail.Com, James Gant, Vanessa Chalmers, Sam Greenhill, Ariel Zilber, Caroline Graham, Alexandra Thompson, Rod Ardehali, Natalie Rahhal, Chris Spargo, Tom Leonard, Bridie Pearson-Jones, Keith Griffith, David Martosko, Francesca Chambers, Senior White, Jack Elsom, @RE_DailyMail, James Wood, Mexico For, Tom Wyke, John Stevens, Isabel Oakeshott, Megan Sheets, Erica Tempesta, Danyal Hussain, Mary Kekatos, Cheyenne Roundtree, Ryan Parry, Mark Duell, Hayley Richardson, Louise Boyle, Connecticut Jennifer, Cassie Carpenter, Faith Ridler, Alana Goodman, Emine Sinmaz, Ben Ashford, Laura Collins, Chief Investigative, Hugo Daniel, Ruth Styles, Jose Lambiet, For Dailymail.Com, Alexander Robertson, David Rose, Rachel Mcgrath, Kentucky, Cindy Tran, James Nye, Stacy Liberatore See less.

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