Daily Mail media bias rating is Right.

The Daily Mail's media bias rating is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

The Daily Mail bias rating is Right. As of May 2017, a slight majority of AllSides users who voted on this rating agreed. Of those who disagreed, the average rating was on the cusp between a Lean Right and Right bias rating. As of right now, there is not sufficient evidence to change the Right bias rating. 

During an August 2021 Independent Review, an AllSides editor noted the Daily Mail has a sensationalist, tabloid bent, often choosing to highlight individual stories that elicit shock or heightened emotions.

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The Daily Mail is a British daily tabloid newspaper with much of its coverage about entertainment and pop news, and politically is a traditional supporter of Conservatives. It also considers BBC News to have a left bias. It is owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust and is published in London. It was first published in 1896 by the Harmsworth brothers, Alfred and Harold. It is the United Kingdom's second-largest selling daily newspaper after The Sun. In its founding, the Daily Mail was aimed at the literate lower-middle class and had a high volume of advertising revenue. Over time, it has produced many notable stories, but has also come under fire for a variety of controversies, including accusations of homophobia, racism, and sexism.



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Funding, Financing and Ownership


Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings. While it's true ownership and financial interests can affect what goes to print, our bias ratings are determined by assessing the bias of content only. We provide financial and ownership information as an FYI to our readers.

Daily Mail is owned by Daily Mail and General Trust or DMGT. Lord Rothermere, Jonathan Harmsworth is the chairman of the Board of Directors of DMGT.

Financing and ownership information last updated March 11, 2021 If you think this information is out of date or needs to be updated, please contact us.

Authors who have written for Daily Mail

Gerard Couzens, Kyle Stevens, Leigh McManus, Tim Stickings, Adry Torres, Milly Vincent, Rita Sobot , and 648 more. See full list. Rita Sobot, Peter Lloyd, Joe Pinkstone, Ian Randall, Ross Ibbetson, Harry Howard, James Gant, Vanessa Chalmers, Sam Greenhill, Ariel Zilber, Caroline Graham, Alexandra Thompson, Rod Ardehali, Natalie Rahhal, Chris Spargo, Tom Leonard, Bridie Pearson-Jones, Keith Griffith, David Martosko, Francesca Chambers, Senior White, Jack Elsom, @RE_DailyMail, James Wood, Mexico For, Tom Wyke, John Stevens, Isabel Oakeshott, John Gray, Megan Sheets, Erica Tempesta, Danyal Hussain, Mary Kekatos, Cheyenne Roundtree, Ryan Parry, Mark Duell, Hayley Richardson, Louise Boyle, Connecticut Jennifer, Piers Morgan, Cassie Carpenter, Faith Ridler, Alana Goodman, Emine Sinmaz, Ben Ashford, Laura Collins, Chief Investigative, Hugo Daniel, Ruth Styles, Jose Lambiet, Florida, Alexander Robertson, David Rose, Rachel Mcgrath, Kentucky, Cindy Tran, James Nye, Stacy Liberatore, Annie Palmer, Glen Owen, Matt Dathan, Martin Gould, Connor Boyd, Jo Tweedy, Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S, Kevin Kayhart, Paul Thompson, Sanchez Manning, Bryony Jewell, Marlene Lenthang, Michael Thomsen, Emily Crane, Emily Payne, Josh Saunders, Genevieve Roberts, Rebecca English, Florida For, Sophie Tanno, Jeff Prestridge, Karen Ruiz, Holly Bancroft, Ed Riley, Jessa Schroeder, Hannah Parry Valerie, Daniel Bates, Bella Blissett, Christopher Booker, Andrew Bullock, Kayla Brantley, Mark Prigg, Ollie Gillman, Jack Newman, Caroline Mcguire, Sara Nathan, Daily Mail, Jason Groves, Ilyssa Panitz, Texas For, Helen Weathers, Miranda Aldersley, Zambia, Jane Flanagan, Will Stewart, Svetlana Skarbo, Ukraine And, Jerry Barmash, Maxine Shen, Emily Crane Cheyenne, Annie Butterworth, Nola Ojomu, Tom Place, Monica Greep, Brian Marks, Louise Gannon, Elizabeth Day, Josh Hanrahan, Kel Vera, Bhvishya Patel, George Martin, Ryan Smith, Ryan Fahey, Mailonline, Glen Owen Caroline, Massachusetts For, Joe Middleton, Sharon Churcher, Sophie Jane, Josh Boswell, Manitoba For, Nikki Schwab, Senior U.S, California, Richard Eden, Guy Adams, Christian Gysin, Stefan Boscia, Vanessa Allen, Dan Newling, Stephen Johnson, And Jennifer, Nick Fagge Jack Elsom, Martin Robinson, Tracy You, Chris Pleasance, David Wilcock, Whitehall Correspondent, Ralph R. Ortega, Lauren Edmonds, Ryan Morrison, Lara Keay, Arkansas, Matthew Wright, Josh Hanrahan Brooke, Caroline Howe, Matt Hughes, George Martin Bhvishya, Hayley Peterson, Ian Drury, Jemma Buckley, Jack Maidment, Jenny Stanton, Rachel Sharp, Anna Hodgekiss, Jennifer Smith, Tracey Kandohla, Dalya Alberge, Kate Thomas, Marcus Scriven Robert Barrett, Luke Kenton, Sarah Vine, Sebastian Murphy, Eve Buckl, For Mailonline, Stephen Matthews, Michael Gove, Sarah Bull, Alice Cachia, James Gordon, Emily Goodin, Ian Drury Home, Jonathan Chadwick, Jessica Green, Richard Marsden, Sara Malm, Justin Enriquez, Susanna Reid, Connie Rusk, Baz Bamigboye, Leah Simpson, Beth Stebner, Tom Pyman, Harriet Johnston, David Barrett Home, Valerie Edwards, Jill Ishkanian, Ryan Adams, James Tapsfield, Mailonline Martin Robinson, Emily Andrews, Joseph Curtis, William Forbes, Alexandra Genova, Sophie Goulopoulos, Kylie Stevens, Andrew Court, Jack Elsom Martin Robinson, Harry Cole, New Hampshire, Henry Martin, James Robinson, Simon Parry, Monique Friedlander, Ryan Parry West Coast, Darren Boyle, Arthur Martin, Anna Edwards, Emilia Jiang, Adrian Kajumba, Rory Tingle, Danny Gallagher, Evgeny Lebedev, Chloe Morgan, Australian Associated, Hannah Roberts, Ashley Collman, Sam Blitz, Katie Hind, Sameer Suri George, Ian Drury Claire, Joel Adams, Christine Rendon, Jabeen Waheed, Craig Mclean, Charlotte Griffiths, Dan Avery, Abigail Miller, Sebastian Shakespeare, Mail Australia, Stephanie Haney, Thomas Burrows, Emily Chan, Aoibhinn Mcbride, Lily Waddell, Julia Sidwell, Martin Scurr, Iain Burns, Julian Robinson, Catherine Chapman, Arkansas For Dailymail.Com, Bel Mooney, Regina F. Graham, Anneta Konstantinides, Sameer Suri, Clemmie Moodie, Charlotte Dean, Robin Rayne, Georgia For, Annabel Fenwick Elliott, Hannah Parry, Bianca London, Unity Blott, Aneeta Bhole, Carly Stern, Tariq Tahir, James Wilkinson, Liz Dunphy, Andrew Young, Zoie O'Brien, Daniel Roth, Julia Pritchard, Ashley Rose, Paddy Dinham, Abigail Beall, Gareth Davies, Lizzie Smith, Chris Summers, Snejana Farberov, Christopher Friedmann, Charlie Lankston, James Dunn, Martha Cliff, In Sterling Heights, Michigan Regina, Jj Nattrass Lisa Mcloughlin, Siofra Brennan, Ben Tufft, Heidi Parker, Abe Hawken, Minyvonne Burke, Steven Trask, Tracy Wright, Annita Katee, Mollie Cahillane, Kayla Caldwell, Sarah Dean, Madlen Davies, Kir Spencer, Clémence Michallon, Claudia Tanner, Rachel Watson, Katie French, Alex Matthews, Alison Boshoff, Jade Watkins, Jennifer Newton, Chloe Combi, Hana Carter, Cheyenne Macdonald, Geoffrey Levy, Sarah Sotoodeh, Chrissy Iley, Tracey Cox, Bobbie Whiteman, James Cann, Paul Chavez, Stephanie Linning, Jessica Finn, Pat Hagan, Jody Phan, Natalie Corner, Kalhan Rosenblatt, Laurel Brown, Kiri Blakeley, Tiffany Lo For Mailonline, Kelly Mclaughlin, Danielle Zoellner, Andrea Magrath, Jo Waters, Dailymail.Com S, Alex Brummer, Jessica Chia, Joanna Crawley, Shanti Das, Uk Chief, Valerie Siebert, Hannah Moore, Elizabeth Beverly, Jessica Arrowsmith, Alisha Buaya, Latoya Gayle, Harry Pettit, Shyam Dodge For Dailymail.Com, Leeor Samocha, Tanith Carey, Victoria Bell, Ekin Karasin, Ross Mcdonagh, Jessica Duncan, Brittany Valadez, Ellie Zolfagharifard, Myriah Towner, Candice Jackson, Alex Gore, Kristy Johnson, Nick Hadley, Harvey Day Sebastian Murphy, Sarah Jones, Sarah Dean Chris, Chris Irvine, Benge Nsenduluka, Dan Cain, Jo Scrimshire, David Jones, Ciara Farmer, Joanna Tweedy, Dianne Apen, Caitlin O'Toole, Amie Gordon, Alex Raskin, Mike Larkin, Chelsea White, Keiligh Baker, John Harris, Jessica Rach, Mail Foreign Service, Caitlyn Hitt, Nicholas Booth, Lucy Mae Beers, Daily Mail S, Pennsylvania, Janet Tappin, Tim Sculthorpe, Roxy Simons, Claudia Connell, Ed Klein, Hannah Moore Karen Ruiz, Mia De Graaf, Dr John Briffa, Karen Mizoguchi, Charlie Bayliss, Hannah Al-Othman, Lydia Warren, Liam Quinn, Ted Thornhill, Sarah Griffiths, Richard Pendlebury, Khaleda Rahman, Zoe Szathmary, In Seoul Francesca Chambers, Imogen Blake, Lauren Ingram, The Mail, Paul Thomas, Eleanor Harding, Frances Hardy, Dr Clare Bailey With, In Las Vegas, Nevada, Charlie Moore, Kate Pickles, Jamie Pyatt, In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Kerry Mcdermott, Emma Innes, Victoria Allen, Jerry Oppenheimer, Emilia Mazza, Shivali Best, Carol Davis, Bridie Pearson, Shannon Thomas, Molly Rose Pike, Sam Blanchard, Tom Bassam, Daniel Bates Karen Ruiz, Allan Hall, Lib Plummer, Jenny Johnston, Anucyia Victor, Nic White, Dan Ripley, Dodge Justin Enriquez, New Jersey, Mail On, Jennifer Swift, Nick Craven, Helen Mcginn, Matt Blake, Valerie Bauman, Tim Collins, Alex Green, Tara Brady, White House Correspondent, Deputy Us, Las Vegas, Daniel Roth Chris, Dave Burke, In Berwyn, Robert Hartlein, New Jersey For Dailymail.Com, Rebecca Davison, Jim Norton, Kelly Strange, Alicia Vrajlal, Rachael Burford, Jason Chester, Matt Hunter, Lucy Mapstone, Laura Fox, Sophie Haslett, Hawaii, Forrest Hanson, Hannah Parry Khaleda Rahman, Keiran Southern, John Naish, Scott Campbell, Jordan Barnes, In Greensboro, Dailymail.Com In Gettysburg, Matilda Rudd, Lucy Crossley, Tim Spector, Lauren Grounsell, Amanda Cashmore, Jennifer Pearson, Chloe Castleberry, Freya Berry, Mail Online, Dan Bloom, Alice Murphy, Jill Reilly, Kirk Maltais, Kate Foster, Katie Davies, Bethany Minelle, Belinda Cleary, Mario Ledwith, Phoebe Weston, Louise Atkinson, Ed Wight, Mandy Francis, Iona Kir, Ryan O'Hare, Rebecca Lawrence, Francis Scott, Alice Johnston, Anna Hopkins, Shyam Dodge, Nick Enoch, Lisa Mcloughlin, Florence Scordoulis, Adam S. Levy, Reuters Regina F. Graham, Jessa Schroeder Keith, Kate Samuelson, Luke Salkeld, Jessica Finn Associated, Theresa May, Heather Waugh, In Manchester, New Hampshire Geoff Earle, In Cedar Rapids, Dailymail.Com Alana Goodman, Colin Fernandez, Sportsmail, Rachel Quigley, Jenny Awford, Rachael Bunyan, Kieran Corcoran, Longhetti Bianca, Rebecca Davison Joanna Crawley, Colorado, Dailymail, Georgina Littlejohn, Phoebe Southworth, Andrew Levy, In Seoul, South Korea, Simon Holmes, Emily Crane For Dailymail.Com, Rob Hull, Beth Hale Claire, Richard Spillett, Stephen Bisset, Sadie Whitelocks, Kentucky For, Aimee Brannen, Michelle Buchanan, Rianne Addo Connie Rusk, Stephen Adams, Antonia Hoyle, Sian Boyle, Investigations, Dailymail.Com In Leesburg, Virginia, Lykke Lind, Cape Town, New York For Dailymail.Com, Lauren Fruen, Joanna Della, Katie Hopkins, From Sue, Jody Phan Chloe, Cecile Borkhataria, Maysa Rawi, Shekhar Bhatia, Laura House, Paul Bentley, Bianca Bongato, Belgium, Sam Greenhill Chief, St. Louis, Missouri Geoff, For Dailymail.Com In St Louis, Missouri, Tom Wyke John Hall, Iain Aitch, Associated, Katy Winter, Harvey Day, Colette Fahy, California For, Ruth Sunderland, Zoe Brennan, Madhvi Mavadiya, Ella Buchan, Becky Freeth, Joel Christie, Cliff Renfrew, Shari Miller, Chris Brooke, Carolyn Hiblen, Maggie O'Neill, Sara Malm Nick Fagge, Thailand, Mailonline Charlie Moore, Florida Geoff, Chris White, Louisiana, Sarah Ferguson, Stephen Wright, Penny Farmer, Nelson Groom, Emily Chan Dianne Apen, Lucy Elkins, Greg Styles, Wendy Gomersall, Amanda Platell, Sioux City, Hannah Parry Valerie Edwards, In Gettysburg, Daniel Piotrowski, Ellie Genower, Germania Rodriguez, Sam Tonkin, Karen Ruiz Ross Mcdonagh, Simon Cable, Michelle Ganney, Fiona Macrae, Katie Nicholl, Jay Akbar, Hannah Al, Richard Kay, Richard Gray, Eddie Wrenn, To Walne, Patrick Lion, Michelle Curran, Christopher Hudson, Claire Bates, Afp Sara Malm, Tim Lamden, Kelsey Cheng, Lisa Mcloughlin Katie, Travelmail, Miranda Bryant, Esra Gurkan, Ga Bissett, Annabel Grossman, Lorraine Fisher, Charlotte Mitchell, Archie Mitchell, Harriet Alexander, Amelia Wynne, Emer Scully, Billie Thomson, Frances Mulraney, Senior U.S., Alan Butterfield, And Martin Gould, Brian Gallagher, Nicole Conner, Holden Walter, Home Affairs, Tom Kelly Investigations, Ian Birrell, North Carolina See less.

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