Bloomberg media bias rating is Center.

Bloomberg was intitially rated as having a lean right media bias, but after a majority of people disagreed, its AllSides Bias Rating™ was changed to center in July of 2014. A small majority of approximately 3000 users agree with this rating. The average bias rating among those who disagree is 65.5, just within the range of a lean left bias. This is not enough evidence, however, to change Bloomberg's rating. Bloomberg was also given a center rating in an October 2013 blind survey, with a majority of people rating it as center. 

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Bloomberg L.P. is a privately held financial, software, data and media company founded in 1981 in New York City. It initially began as a computerized system founded by Michael Bloomberg with the help of Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Charles Zegar, designed to provide real-time market data and analytics to firms on Wall Street. With the help of an ownership investment by Merill Lynch, the company was able to develop the Bloomberg terminal computer system in 1983. 

Bloomberg currently provides news in a variety of formats, including a wire service, a global television network, digital websites, a radio station, newsletters and magazines. With a focus on business and economics-related topics, Bloomberg News has redefined itself to become the “chronicle of capitalism,” as editor-in-chief John Micklethwait indicated in 2015. Bloomberg’s main source of revenue remains the Bloomberg Terminal, which offers financial software tools to companies and organizations on Wall Street. 


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Leslie Patton, Noah Feldman, Ryan Collins, Ben Steverman, Esmé E Deprez, Masumi Suga, Bill Allison , and 97 more. See full list. Bill Allison, Megan Mcardle, Tommaso Ebhardt, Olga Kharif, Naomi Nix, Andrew M Harris, Max Chafkin, Margaret Talev, Arit John, Patricia Hurtado, Greg Stohr, Lauren Coleman-Lochner, Vivian Nereim, Susan Decker, Erik Larson, Brendan Scott, Dana Hull, Mark Gongloff, Spencer Soper, David Voreacos, Conor Sen, Kurt Wagner, Ryan Beene, Ros Krasny, Billy House, Shawn Donnan, Alyza Sebenius, Sarah Frier, Robert Hutton, Sarah Ponczek, Laura Davison, Justin Sink, Chris Strohm, Jeff Kearns, Anurag Kotoky, Elena Mazneva, Jeanna Smialek, Matthew Boesler, Chris Dolmetsch, Jonathan Stearns, Kim Chipman, Andrew Mayeda, Mark Niquette, Alan Levin, Josh Saul, Steven Church, David Welch, Dara Doyle, Jennifer Epstein, Samer Al-Atrush, Jennifer Jacobs, Olivia Zaleski, Eric Newcomer, Craig Trudell, Daniele Lepido, Mark Gurman, Joe Light, Jonathan Browning, Craig Giammona, Lizette Chapman, Alexandre Tanzi, Miao Han, Randall Jensen, David Wainer, Shahien Nasiripour, Shannon Pettypiece, Karen Leigh, Arne Delfs, Patrick Donahue, Lucas Shaw, Steven T. Dennis, Sahil Kapur, Rick Clough, Terrence Dopp, Drew Singer, Saleha Mohsin, Josh Eidelson, Lydia Mulvany, Derek Wallbank, Jared S Hopkins, Katia Dmitrieva, Andrew M. Harris, Josh Wingrove, Henry Goldman, Maria Jose Valero, Olivia Rockeman, Jenny Leonard, Alex Harris, Oliver Telling, Rob Golum, Joshua Gallu, Jess Shankleman, Aaron Mc Nicholas, Chloe Whiteaker, Justin Chin, Bryce Baschuk, Matthew G Miller, Kateryna Choursina See less.

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