Insider media bias rating is Lean Left.

Insider's media bias is Lean Left.

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Insider Rated Lean Left in Feb. 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey

People across the political spectrum rated Insider as Lean Left on average in a Feb. 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey

This differed from AllSides' rating of Insider as Center and triggered an independent review. AllSides then shifted Insider's rating to Lean Left.

On a scale of -9 to +9, with 0 representing Center, -9 representing furthest Left and +9 representing furthest Right, respondents on average rated Insider as -2.62, putting it in the Lean Left category. The middle 50% of responses lied between -5.56 (Left) and -1.40 (Lean Left).

When normalized, 67% of respondents rated Insider as left of center and 11% rated Insider as right of center. A total of 571 people rated Insider's bias. Respondents self-rated their own bias as Left, Lean Left, Center, Lean Right, and Right. 

When breaking down by respondent bias, on average, people who are Left, Lean Left, and Center rated Insider as Lean Left, and people who are Lean Right and Right rated Insider as Left. 

Democrats and Republicans, on average, rated Insider as Lean Left, while Independents rated Insider as Left, barely.

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Past AllSides Media Bias Rating of Insider

AllSides rated Insider as Center prior to Feb. 2022. This initial rating was the result of independent review by AllSides editors and was given with low confidence.

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About Insider

Insider, formerly known as Business Insider, is a U.S. business and technology news website launched in February 2009 and based in New York City.

Business Insider Inc.'s name was changed to Insider Inc. in December 2017 as the company switched to publishing general news. 

Business Insider was founded in 2007 by Henry Blodget and Kevin P. Ryan. 

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Who Owns and Funds Insider

Insider is owned by Axel Springer SE, a German digital and popular periodical publishing house and the largest in Europe. Axel Springer also owns Politico. Axel Springer Chief Executive Mathias Döpfner said its employees are expected to support company-wide guiding principals that include "support for a united Europe, Israel’s right to exist and a free-market economy, among others." 

"These values are like a constitution, they apply to every employee of our company,” Mr. Döpfner said. People with a problem with any of the principles “should not work for Axel Springer, very clearly,” he said.

According to Wikipedia, "In 2013, Jeff Bezos led an effort to raise US$5 million for Business Insider Inc. through his investment company Bezos Expeditions. On September 29, 2015, Axel Springer SE announced that it had acquired 88% of the stake in Business Insider Inc. for a reported US$343 million (€306 million). After the purchase, Axel Springer SE held a stake of approximately 97%, and Jeff Bezos held the remaining shares through Bezos Expeditions. As of 2018, Axel Springer owns a 100% stake in Insider Inc." (Retrieved Feb. 2022)

Funding and owenship information last updated Feb. 2022. If you believe needs to be updated, please contact us.

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