Vox media bias rating is Left.

Vox's media bias rating is featured on the AllSides Media Bias Chart™.

Vox has a Left AllSides Media Bias Rating™.

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Vox Rated Left in Apr. 2022 Independent Review

In April 2022, a member of the AllSides team conducted an independent review of Vox's bias and confirmed the Left bias rating.

The reviewer noted that Vox's content often argued in favor of more government spending and more regulations on corporate power. Vox's coverage rarely framed stories the way conservatives would. Vox always argued in favor of LGBTQ rights and often criticized laws pushed by social conservatives. 

The reviewer also noted that Vox covered a wide range of cultural, scientific and policy issues despite publishing relatively few articles each day. 

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Vox Rated Left in Sept. 2018 Editorial Review

In Sept. 2018, the AllSides team conducted an extensive Editorial Review and decided to shift Vox from a Lean Left to a Left media bias rating.

The AllSides team found that Vox consistently wrote favorably about left-leaning policies and never included a right-leaning perspective. Articles on Vox.com tied President Trump to fascism, and its "Explainers" section almost never included right-leaning opinions or viewpoints. Vox's Explainers provided only one side of an issue, making it seem as if the information provided is all readers need to know, when in reality, right-leaning individuals would likely include other facts or make different points about the topic, amounting to bias by omission. This prevented readers from getting a holistic understanding of the highlighted issues.

The AllSides team noted that Vox often framed news and issues as if the left perspective were the only perspective, and its hard news articles included commentary that was subjective in nature. Vox often blurred the line between news and editorial. One AllSides team member noted Vox "seems like advocacy outlet for the Democratic Party, showing all the "news" you'd like to hear as a Democrat."

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Past Vox Media Bias Ratings and Community Feedback

Prior to Sept. 2018, AllSides rated Vox media bias as Lean Left. A large majority (about 3,700 community members) disagreed with AllSides' media bias rating of Lean Left for Vox. As of April 2017, the number of those who disagreed with Vox's Lean Left media bias rating had grown to 4,362. However, among those who disagreed and rated the source on their own, their answers averaged to a Lean Left rating.

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About Vox

Vox, officially Vox.com, was founded in 2014 by Ezra Klein (Left bias), a columnist from the Washington Post (Lean Left bias), along with Melissa Bell and Matthew Yglesias (Lean Left bias). Run by the digital media company Vox Media, Vox.com currently has eight editorial brands including the sports website SB Nation and the technology news website The Verge.

In founding Vox, Klein said he hoped to “improve the technology of news” and build an online platform better equipped for making news understandable. Vox.com, therefore, aims to “explain the news” rather than simply report it.

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Third-Party Accusations of Bias

Some conservatives have argued that Vox's coverage leaves out opposing viewpoints and differing perspectives. For example, the Washington Times (Lean Right bias) and conservative media watchdog groups have heavily criticized Vox.com’s perceived liberal bias. Additionally, The Week (Center bias) and The Federalist (Right bias) framed the website as having a progressive worldview. Vox's coverage of then-candidate Donald Trump during and after the 2016 election also garnered criticism from conservatives.

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Who Owns and Funds Vox

Note: Funding and ownership is not taken into account when determining AllSides Media Bias Ratings. While it's true ownership and financial interests can affect what goes to print, our bias ratings are determined by assessing the bias of content only. We provide financial and ownership information as an FYI to our readers.

Vox is owned by Vox Media, which was founded in 2011 by Jim Bankoff and Trei Brundrett. As of 2022, Vox Media owns several other media properties including New York Magazine (Left bias), The Verge (Lean Left bias), Polygon (Not Rated), NowThis (Not Rated) and SB Nation (Not Rated). 

In August 2015, NBC Universal made a $200 million equity investment in Vox Media. Comcast owns NBC Universal. Brian L. Roberts is the chairman, president, and CEO of Comcast. Comcast is publicly traded.

Financing and ownership information last updated February 22, 2021. If you think this information is out of date or needs to be updated, please contact us.

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Authors who have written for Vox

Brian Resnick, Ezra Klein, David Roberts, Alvin Chang, German Lopez, Emily Crockett, Dara Lind , and 193 more. See full list. Dara Lind, Matthew Yglesias, Jane Coaston, Jennie Neufeld, Benjamin Wofford, Dylan Scott, Tara Golshan, Li Zhou, Ella Nilsen, Aaron Rupar, Andrew Prokop, Stavros Agorakis, P.r. Lockhart, Jen Kirby, Umair Irfan, Rachel Withers, Murray Waas, Cheryl Wischhover, Chavie Lieber, Todd Vanderwerff, Amanda Sakuma, Aditi Shrikant, Alex Ward, Emily Stewart, Nicole Fallert, Sean Illing, Rebecca Jennings, Constance Grady, Dylan Matthews, Anna North, Kavya Sukumar, Sigal Samuel, Lib Nelson, Lee Drutman, Ga Del Valle, Sarah Kliff, S.E. Smith, Kyra Parrow, Kaitlyn Tiffany, Allegra Frank, Sean Collins, Nisha Chittal, Jen Kir, Gabriela Resto-Montero, Christine Negroni, Zack Beauchamp, Catherine Kim, Kelly Cohen, Theodore Schleifer, Jeff Stein, Eric Kleefeld, Aja Romano, Rani Molla, John Thornton Jr, Peter Kafka, Eric Johnson, Fernández Campbell, Gabriela Resto, @atrupar, Anna Lind, Anya Van Wagtendonk, Alex Abad-Santos, Julia Belluz, Phil Edwards, Sarah Wildman, Riley Beggin, Caroline Framke, Mark Bergen, Kurt Wagner, Shirin Ghaffary, Jason Del, Johana Bhuiyan, Brad Plumer, Laura Mcgann, Alexia Fernández, Kelsey Piper, Jonathan Allen, Carly Sitrin, Edmund Lee, Kara Swisher, Alex Abad, Jennifer Williams, Carlos Maza, Carlos Waters, Terry Nguyen, Richard J. Evans, Sandra Newman, Kieran Dahl, @voxdotcom, Evan Defilippis, Devin Hughes, Ian Millhiser, Carrie Goldberg, Joss Fong, Zoe Schiffer, Tara Isabella Burton, Dawn Chmielewski, Jenée Desmond, Joseph Stromberg, Emily Todd, Delia Paunescu, Fiona Hill, Arik Hesseldahl, Sara Morrison, Kelsey Mckinney, Kyle Chayka, Alexia Fernández Campbell, Rachel Wolfe, Melinda Fakuade, Christophe Haubursin, Emily Todd Vanderwerff, Sara Luterman, Michael Clemens, Grace Haley, Lois Parshley, Alissa Wilkinson, Alex Press, Amy Schatz, Katie Hicks, Nicole Narea, Katelyn Burns, Zeeshan Aleem, Aaron Ross Coleman, Meghann Farnsworth, Fabiola Cineas, Lili Pike, Rebecca Heilweil, Shanita Hubbard, Emmett Rensin, Emily Vanderwerff, Timothy B. Lee, Zachary Crockett, Radhika Viswanathan, Jason Furman, Seth Masket, Andrew Gelman, Corey Robin, Hope Reese, Alice Levitt, Edward Schlosser, Scott Timberg, Estelle Caswell, Philip Klinkner, Yochi Dreazen, Karen Han, Jeff Goodell, Eliza Barclay, Mac Schneider, Ben Spielberg, Jonathan M. Ladd, Kay Steiger, Lauren Williams, Eliza Brooke, Kate Shellnutt, Madeleine Ngo, Daniel Denvir, Vox First Person, Susan Seager, Danielle Kurtzleben, Alexia Underwood, Johnny Harris, E.P. Wohlfart, Peter Zeidenberg, Karen Turner, Victoria M. Massie, Jen Gunter, Vox Creative, Caroline Houck, Peter Kim, John Patty, Chris Ash, Sam Rosenfeld, Terry Blas, Luke Winkie, Sanford V. Levinson, Aziz Huq, Genevieve Koski, Peter Suderman, John A. Farrell, Rachel Held, Dylan Collins, Ari Ne'Eman, Amy Bree, Sarah Frostenson, Trevor Burrus, Dan Wang, Leslie Knope, Johann Hari, Ella Dawson, Amanda Taub, Eric Allen, Tanya Pai, Jariel Arvin, Abigail Leonard See less.

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