Americans overwhelmingly support some bipartisan election reforms

A bipartisan group of 16 senators is preparing a variety of proposals to update the Electoral Count Act, and CommonSense American, which prepares briefings on legislative ideas and encourages advocacy from its 43,000 members, released survey data this week on some of those concepts.
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Past Electoral College Vote Objections by Democrats, Explained

From the Left Editor's Note: This viewpoint is from a writer rated Lean Left. In today’s bipolar political discourse, it’s easy to wave away controversies because “both sides do it.” This dynamic has reared its head once again, this time regarding Republican senators and House members...
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Story of the Week: $600 Or $2,000? Stimulus Checks Debated As Payments Begin

Sign up here to receive the Story of the Week in your inbox every Thursday. $600 COVID-19 stimulus checks begin going out this week after months of negotiations, as debate simmers about increasing the checks to $2,000. President Donald Trump and many Congressional Democrats support more...
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