AllStances™: Should the U.S. Reform Its Voting Methods?

Should the U.S. Reform Its Voting Methods? Explore all perspectives, stances, and arguments surrounding voting methods with AllStances™ by AllSides. Keep our current system: standard single-winner, plurality See arguments » Use Ranked Choice Voting for Elections See arguments » Use...
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Ranked Choice Voting Improves Politicians’ Incentives and Should Reduce Political Polarization

To reduce political polarization, we need to change the electoral systems that currently amplify incentives for politicians to be divisive, both in terms of how they act and what they say. One such system that could lessen the desire of those running for and elected to office to engage in polarizing activity is ranked choice voting (RCV).
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Americans overwhelmingly support some bipartisan election reforms

A bipartisan group of 16 senators is preparing a variety of proposals to update the Electoral Count Act, and CommonSense American, which prepares briefings on legislative ideas and encourages advocacy from its 43,000 members, released survey data this week on some of those concepts.
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