When Partisanship Goes Away (Or At Least Becomes Less Intense)

As we consider the current polarization and hyper-partisanship that has gripped our nation’s politics for the last several years, we have often asked each other what it would take to break out of this sclerotic gridlock that has stymied necessary progress on so many important matters.
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Media Bias Alert: Scant Coverage on NewsNation’s Democrat Panel, Previous Slant Against Candidates

NewsNation hosted an on-air panel with the 2024 Democratic candidates running against President Biden, but very few media outlets across the spectrum acknowledged it.
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AllStances™: Should the U.S. Reform Its Voting Methods?

Should the U.S. Reform Its Voting Methods? Explore all perspectives, stances, and arguments surrounding voting methods with AllStances™ by AllSides. Keep our current system: standard single-winner, plurality See arguments » Use Ranked Choice Voting for Elections See arguments » Use...
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