Surveys Show Majority of Republicans Believe Government Must Tackle Student Loan Debt

Many Americans see the benefits of a college degree, such as opportunities for well-paying jobs. Yet over the years, college costs have become extremely high, both from private and public colleges . This increase has led to more and more debt -- a total of about $1.6 trillion , with the...
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Unpacking Georgia’s Controversial New Voting Law

Georgia’s newest voting legislation has stirred up a hurricane of political sensationalism and media bias this month, leaving much of the public confused about what the law actually does and why it remains controversial. The bill, titled “Election Integrity Act of 2021” or SB 202 , was...
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It’s Not Just Them: Research Suggests Irrational Biases Across the Political Spectrum

In our increasingly polarized age, it has become commonplace to attribute our political opponents’ beliefs to their irrationality. Advancements in psychology seem to validate this view: we are prone to confirmation bias, engage in motivated reasoning, and become self-insulated in social...
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