When Immigration Reform Might Actually Happen

From the Center It’s been almost 40 years since Washington accomplished anything of significance on immigration policy. Over the course of a generation, the crisis has continued to worsen, but partisan-fueled paralysis has prevented any real progress from happening. That may be about to...
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When the 2028 Campaign Gets a Very Early Start

From the Center For those who are less than excited by the upcoming eighteen months of uninterrupted discussion of Joe Biden’s age and Donald Trump’s court calendar, it may or may not be helpful to know that the 2028 presidential campaign is already underway. But what the two most...
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Media Bias Alert: Martha’s Vineyard Story Reveals Bias in Left and Right Media

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recently made headlines when he sent dozens of immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard. The biases of left and right-rated media could be seen in how they covered the story, with outlets exhibiting bias by viewpoint placement, slant, and word choice in their reporting.
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