Headline RoundupDecember 9th, 2023

The Heightened Significance of Taylor Swift, TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Taylor Swift was named TIME Magazine’s (Lean Left bias) Person of the Year this week, drawing media reactions.

Sam Altman: Holly Thomas, writing for CNN (Left bias), said she feels like the type of person Swift’s music is aimed at, but is not intrigued by her artist project and disagreed with TIME’s decision. Thomas argued that the award should have been given to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman because “his impact on the world could be exponentially more consequential,” and “not nearly enough people are aware of him or the implications of his technology.”

Swift For President: Nathan J. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Current Affairs (Left bias), writing for Newsweek (Center bias), said Taylor Swift should run for President of the United States, as she is “the only one who can save us,” and, “avoiding a Trump presidency is absolutely essential, to preserve both democracy and the planet.” The writer said Swift should be considered as equally credible politically as Trump, and that it’s “time to start entertaining seemingly crazy ideas.”

DNC Asset: Evita Duffy-Alfonso, in an opinion for The Federalist (Right bias) called Swift an “invaluable asset” in the “political arsenal” of “Democrats and their corporate media allies.” Duffy-Alfonso, who criticized Swift’s music as being monotonous and repetitive, said she’s “the definition of a naive basic b-tch,” and “Come the 2024 election, Democrats will use her to shill for Joe Biden (again), a candidate not preferred by the young leftists she has influence over.”

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