The Federalist media bias rating is Right.

The Federalist has a Right media bias rating

AllSides previously rated The Federalist as having a Lean Right media bias. After further review, the rating was changed to Right in August 2018.

In September 2013, co-founder Ben Domenech, a conservative writer and TV commentator, wrote that The Federalist was inspired by the worldview of the original TIME magazine, which he described as "[leaning] to the political right, with a small-c conservatism equipped with a populist respect for the middle class reader outside of New York and Washington, and an abiding love for America at a time when snark and cynicism were not considered substitutes for smart analysis."

Domenech wrote that The Federalist would be informed by TIME's 1920s “list of prejudices” for the magazine, which included principles such as:

  • A belief that the world is round and an admiration of the statesman’s view of all the world.
  • A general distrust of the present tendency toward increasing interference by government.
  • A prejudice against the rising cost of government.
  • Faith in the things which money cannot buy.
  • A respect for the old, particularly in manners.
  • An interest in the new, particularly in ideas.

About The Federalist

The Federalist is an online magazine that covers politics, policy, culture, and religion. It was co-founded by Ben Domenech, a conservative writer and TV commentator, and Sean Davis. According to Domenech, the site has "a viewpoint that rejects the assumptions of the media establishment" and says it is dedicated to discussing "the philosophical underpinnings of the day's debate" instead of focusing on what he calls "the horserace or the personalities."

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