Headline RoundupJune 8th, 2022

'What is a Woman?': New Documentary Highlights Divide on Transgender Issues

Summary from the AllSides News Team

A new documentary from Daily Wire's (Right bias) Matt Walsh, titled "What is a Woman?", has sparked very different reactions across the political spectrum.

In the film, Walsh asks people in the U.S. and elsewhere — from transgender activists, people who've transitioned but regret it, and U.S. pediatricians to a remote African tribe — to define the word "woman" and explain how they view gender roles and identities. In an interview with National Review about the film, Walsh accused progressives of trying to "rid society of any notion of a shared reality or shared truth," and said that the film's title and premise represents a question "that the gender ideologues can’t answer, and it kind of brings down the whole façade of gender ideology."

On Twitter, Walsh said that many media critics who were asked to review the film declined, with some responding to the request by condemning the transphobia and "right-wing propaganda" that the film purportedly advances.

The right has focused much more on "What is a Woman?" than sources on the left and center, few of which have offered any coverage of it. One writer for LGBTQ Nation said it "provides ammunition for those who seek to deprive transgender people of access to affirming and life-saving healthcare." Many on the right supported Walsh's points. One Washington Examiner writer said the documentary "exposes the impossible logical gymnastics gender ideology demands" and "documents the ways in which it is harming individuals, their families, and communities."

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