Daily Kos media bias rating is Left.

Daily Kos bias rating is Left. As of May 2017, a large majority of the nearly 1,200 AllSides users who voted on Daily Kos's bias agreed with this rating. According to the Daily Kos website, it has the largest audience in liberal media. In November of 2016, the Daily Kos had 18.5 million unique visitors and more than 80 million page views. Wikipedia refers to Daily Kos as a "group blog and Internet forum focused on liberal American politics," and the Daily Kos website refers to itself as "the largest progressive community site in the United States," further backing up its Left bias rating.

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Daily Kos was founded in 2002 by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, and it received its name from the last syllable of his first name Kos, which was also his nickname in the military. Moulitsas is also a founder of Vox Media. Daily Kos is blog-based, with a large following and often thousands of comments on controversial posts or "open threads." Daily Kos also has a large following on social media and via the Daily Kos email list.



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Nick Anderson, @devilstower, Patrisse Cullors, Jen Sorensen, Matt Bors, Gabe Ortiz, Mark Sumner , and 96 more. See full list. Mark Sumner, Laura Clawson, Daily Kos, Joan Mccarter, Jeff Singer, Meteor Blades, Kerry Eleveld, Eric Boehlert, David Neiwert, Walter Einenkel, Marissa Higgins, David Waldman, Rubenbolling For Comics, Bill In, Jen Hayden, Carolyn Fiddler, Dawn R Wolfe, Erin Tulley, Mark Fiore, Georgia Logothetis, Brianmcfadden For Comics, Greg Dworkin, Jessica Sutherland, Stephen Wolf, Chris Reeves, Denise Oliver Velez, Sher Watts, Laurence Lewis, Egberto Willies, Mark E, Ian Reifowitz, Frank Vyan Walton, Tom Tomorrow, Hunter, Barbara Morrill, Keefknight For Comics, Karen L, Prism Guest, Jon Perr, David Akadjian, Carolyn Copeland, David Jarman, Matt Booker, Aimee Allison, Ajewella, Susan Grigs, Kevin Killer, David Nir, Dorothy He, Alexandra Arriaga, Semdem, Dartagnan, Keith Knight, Stonehenge, Rochaun Meadows, Tom Conway, Daily Kos Correspondents, Ntebo Mokuena, Laloalcaraz, First Amendment, Docdawg, @TUSK81, Katherine Paul, Latosha Brown, Besame For Kosability, Tealbomb, Chitown Kev, Rochaun Meadowsfernandez, Christian Dem, Reasonabill, David Beard, Occupystephanie For Blogathon, Rebeccapilarbuckwalterpoza, Orion Rodriguez, Durrati, Jotter, Boiseblue, Lauren Floyd, Kelly Macias, Maurice Mitchell, Anoa Changa, Daily Kos Elections, Aysha Qamar, Navy Vet Terp, Bill In Portl, Faithgardner, Neil Baron, Harper West, Climate Fight, Prism Guest Writer, Cara Zelaya, Our Prism, A Siegel, Aldous J, Palmfrond, Kos Elections, Tevinbrown See less.

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