Twitter Targets COVID-19 Misinformation With Labels, Strike System

Headline Roundup March 1st, 2021

On Monday, Twitter said it will begin labeling COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on its site. The platform also introduced a strike system for accounts that repeatedly violate the rules; one strike is a warning, second and third strikes result in a 12-hour account lock, a fourth strike is a weeklong lock on the account, and five strikes results in permanent suspension. This comes after Twitter decided to remove posts containing “the most harmful misleading information” about coronavirus vaccines in December. According to Twitter, the policy will remove tweets which "advance harmful false or misleading narratives about COVID-19 vaccinations." The Washington Examiner reported that since introducing the policy in December, Twitter has removed more than 8,400 tweets and challenged 11.5 million accounts worldwide. Initially, labels will initially be enforced by Twitter team members only, which will help automated systems pick up on violating content; eventually, Twitter will use both automated and human review to flag misleading information.

The story received coverage from across the political spectrum. Some left-rated outlets tended to highlight the different types of COVID-19 misinformation on social media. Some right-rated outlets tended to highlight the number of accounts removed or challenged by Twitter, as well as the various partnerships Twitter has done with UNICEF, the Vaccine Confidence Project, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Dr. Anthony Fauci to combat COVID-19 misinformation.

Twitter Targets COVID-19 Misinformation With Labels, Strike System

From the Left

Twitter is expanding its use of warning labels on tweets that contain misleading details about coronavirus vaccines.

The move, announced in a blogpost on Monday, is designed to strengthen the social network’s existing Covid-19 guidance, which has led to the removal of more than 8,400 tweets and challenged 11.5m accounts worldwide.

In December the platform started providing more labels providing additional context to tweets with disputed information about the pandemic. Now the company is increasing its focus on posts about vaccines specifically, and starting a strike system that “determines when...

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From the Center

Twitter will attach warning labels to posts that contain misleading information about coronavirus vaccines and introduce a strike system for repeat offenders, the tech giant announced Monday, as the company tries to combat the circulation of misinformation. Twitter employees will initially be charged with labeling posts they determine violate Twitter policy, and their decisions will be used to teach Twitter’s automated tools to identify and label similar content across the platform, according to the company.

The labels may link curated content, like Twitter Moments, or links to trusted sources for...

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From the Right

Twitter said Monday it will start labeling coronavirus vaccine misinformation on its platform and warned that those who violate its rules repeatedly will face permanent bans.

"Starting today, we will begin applying labels to Tweets that may contain misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines, in addition to our continued efforts to remove the most harmful COVID-19 misleading information from the service," Twitter said in a press release.

The vaccine labels may link to curated content and public health information or to the Twitter Rules page. Twitter said its goal with the...

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