BuzzFeed News media bias rating is Left.

AllSides gives BuzzFeed News a Left media bias rating.

An editorial review by the AllSides team in September 2018 found that Buzzfeed News never includes a Right-leaning opinion or perspective.   In July 2019, another editorial review concluded that BuzzFeed deserved a Left rating based on its exclusion of right-leaning perspectives and occasional misrepresentation of facts to support leftist points of view.

Before AllSides changed the rating in July 2019, roughly 4,400 AllSides readers agreed with the media bias rating of Lean Left, while roughly 6,700 disagreed. The 2014 Pew Research Study, Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum, found "those on the left of the ideological spectrum are overrepresented in [BuzzFeed's] audience (59%, compared with 38% of all respondents)." [Source: Pew]

About BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a website that combines a technology platform for detecting viral content with an editorial selection process to provide a snapshot of "the viral web in realtime." It was co-founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti (who is also co-founder of The Huffington Post). In 2012, Ben Smith of POLITICO was hired as editor-in-chief.

Authors who have written for BuzzFeed News

Stephanie K. Baer, Alberto Nardelli, Charlie Warzel, Ellie Hall, Henry J. Gomez, Brianna Sacks, Andrew Kaczynski , and 54 more. See full list. Andrew Kaczynski, Rachael Krishna, Anthony Cormier, Adolfo Flores, Jason Leopold, Zoe Tillman, Paul Mcleod, Michael Blackmon, Emma Loop, Kadia Goba, Rosie Gray, Claudia Rosenbaum, Michael Sallah, Tanya Kozyreva, Aubrey Belford, Matthew Champion, Hamed Aleaziz, Craig Silverman, Jane Bradley, Nitasha Tiku, Jane Lytvynenko, David Mack, Julia Reinstein, Lissandra Villa, Alex Kantrowitz, Scaachi Koul, Katie Notopoulos, Katherine Miller, Davey Alba, Anne Helen Petersen, Dominic Holden, Lauren Strapagiel, Miriam Elder, Addy Baird, Ryan Broderick, Nicole Nguyen, Clarissa-Jan Lim, Caroline O', Ben Smith, Gabriel H. Sanchez, Claudia Koerner, Dan Vergano, Tasneem Nashrulla, Krystie Lee, Shannon Keating, Zahra Hirji, Dino Grandoni, Megan Apper, Nishita Jha, Tarini Parti, Megha Rajagopalan, Ryan Mac, Casey Gueren, Amber Jamieson, Molly Hensley See less.

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